Spring cleaning, no matter which kind, is always a bit of a task… and when it comes to tossing out the old Christmas chocolates that are still lingering in the depths of your fridge, it can be a little painful! So this week, whip out your rubber gloves and roll up your sleeves because a healthy body starts with a healthy fridge!

Throw Out
This is no time to be sentimental! That ageing jar of marmalade your grandma gave you 3 years ago has got to go! Be ruthless and chuck away anything that is past its sell by date. Not only will this give you more room, but it will also help eliminate that distinctive, not-so-nice “fridge” odour! Next on your clean out list is the junk food. So summon all of your courage and get your bin bag at the ready! Say goodbye to anything that contains sugar (we’re talking cakes, store bought juice, jams, “low fat” yogurts, salad dressings etc.), processed foods and fizzy drinks. These are not bikini-body-friendly foods and certainly won’t do your health any good either.

I’ll admit, the smell of gooey, rotten compartment drawers and slimy egg trays makes my tummy churn, but it must be dealt with! You don’t want any of that bacteria spoiling your other food. Start by taking out all the contents of your fridge, (scrubbing around food isn’t going to cut it!) remove all compartments, draws and trays and then fill your sink with warm, soapy water and scrub away! Wipe down the inside of the fridge with a sponge and replace the food. Bish, bash, bosh… Job done!

It’s time to go shopping! Head down to your local department store and grab some clear, sealed containers. These tubs will be perfect for when you’ve cooked a little too much quinoa, (story of my life!) and they also help prevent food wastage. I often double my dinner ingredients so having a portable container on hand means I can pack away a healthy, delicious lunch for the next day. Another must have is some clear glass jars. These pretty pots are great for storing chia seed breakfasts and over night oats, plus they’re so handy for on the go! In need of a delicious chia seed pudding recipe? Try ours! http://www.hipandhealthy.co.uk/coconut-chia-seed-pudding/

An organised fridge is an organised mind, that’s how it goes right? I like to arrange my fridge shelves into food groups as I find it much easier to find ingredients (and it looks pretty too). Plastic magazine holders are also a savvy and sneaky way to create extra shelving! Just lie them on their side and stack as many as you desire! If you want to take fridge organisation to the next level, then you can label shelves, draws, containers etc. for extra fridge efficiency! I do love a good label. It’s up to you how you arrange your fridge but to prevent food poisoning, keep raw meat and seafood on the lowest shelf as this stops unwanted dripping.

words by Molly Jennings