If you’re anything but an early bird or struggling to fit in a post-office workout then try a lunchtime sweat session. Exercising at midday has been proven to improve your productivity in the afternoon, as it increases the flow of blood and oxygen levels to the brain. With just a 30 minute workout being enough to burn calories, strengthen and tone, we’ve rounded up the top nine to reclaim your lunch break.


Lunch Club At Psycle

Get your pulse racing with a 35-minute Psycle session – a high intensity, low-impact, full-body workout on a bike, complete with pumping soundtrack. Taking place on a Wednesday and Friday, each session comes with a post-spin lunch courtesy of Hip & Healthy favourites The Detox Kitchen (yum), ensuring you will return to the office on a high.


Good Vibes

Love getting sweaty and seeing results fast? If you’re a fan of interval training, then Good Vibes in Covent Garden is the one for you. With a range of classes including the 25 minute Power Plate and 30 minute Glow Cycle spin, these workouts are designed for serious calorie burn. If you fancy a more relaxing option, they also offer Yoga and Pilates sessions for a rebalancing stretch.


Bootcamp Pilates

The place to get a supermodel-worthy figure in your lunch hour – Bootcamp Pilates 45 minute express classes offer all the benefits of their sellout sessions. Prepare for your posture, strength and shape to be totally transformed and for a post-workout ache.


Barry’s Bootcamp

Favoured by fitness fans worldwide, burn up to 1,000 calories in just an hour at Barry’s Bootcamp. With different problem areas targeted each day, these one hour sessions alternate between the floor and treadmill to totally reshape the body. Barry’s is the perfect place to relieve stress and get those endorphins going at lunchtime, particularly when followed by a post-workout shake at the FUEL bar.


1Rebel Lunchtime Ride

London’s coolest new gym also offers lunchtime classes, with a 30 minute high-intensity group cycling experience incorporating weights, bands and bikes. Expect an atmosphere more like a night club than a spin class, and leave on a high with a complimentary juice or lunch from Roots & Bulbs, we recommend the smart smoothie complete with a shot of coffee.



Get a ballerina body at an intense hour-long Barrecore session, for a full-body, low-impact workout with plenty of burn. With lunchtime slots available daily, if you’re unable to make it to one of their six studios, then book a conference room for an online 30 minute barrecoreeEXPRESS. Be prepared to sweat.


Urban Athletes

Prefer to workout outdoors? Head to the city YMCA meeting point on Wednesday lunchtimes and pound the pavements at the weekly running club. Each session is 45 minutes to an hour, with sprints to Shoreditch Park and running technique practice along Regent’s Canal.


Lunchtime Lift With Aquallure

Start the weekend on the right note at one of Aquallure’s Friday lunchtime pool-biking sessions. Burn extra calories by working out in water with this high-impact workout – designed to tone your waist, thighs and tummy, allowing for any weekend indulgence.



With a whole variety of 30-minute classes available throughout the week, mix up your exercise at one of Frame’s studios. Offering everything from Quickie Abs, Quickie Butt to Quickie Bounding (complete with trampoline), target your entire body with a different class each day, ensuring you’ll never be bored.