We all know that porridge is one of the best ways we can start our day. Not only are these little grains of goodness an excellent way of providing your body with the fuel it needs for your daily antics but oats also contain a high amount of dietary fibre (just one cup of porridge will provide around 4 grams of gut-loving fibre), which keeps blood sugar levels steady and helps the digestive system stay on track too. We ask the queen of oats herself, Alex Hely-Hutchinson of 26 Grains (the rolls royce of porridge) for the best ways to turn this healthy breakfast dish into a nutritional powerhouse that tastes ah-mazing too…

1. Sprinkle a Little Salt

No matter which grains you’re using, I find that salt is the best way to bring the liquid and the grains together to make a well rounded bowl of porridge, but it has to be top quality sea salt. My favourite sea salt is Halen Mon.

2. Add Vanilla 

You got to have the real deal, the little fleks of vanilla not only make it look amazing and earthy but also taste so much better than any vanilla essence or even extract.

3. Go Slightly Nuts

Adding nut mylk to your oats is not only a super source of good fats, it also tastes wonderfully creamy and delicious. I like to make my own as, if you have the time, it’s so easy. See here for a delicious nut miylk recipe.

4. Spice it Up

I’m not talking chilli but instead of reaching for a sweetener, try playing with different spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger. They’ll also add some zing to your metabolism to really get it firing in the morning!

5. Soak in Carrot or Beetroot Juice

When iron rich foods are combined with foods high in vitamin c, they enhance each other’s properties. Oats are a particularly high source of iron and carrots and beetroots are a wonderful source of vitamin c. Try using half water, half juice, and maybe throw in a bit of ginger for some heat.