Smoothie bowls are our absolute favourite summer breakfast, and the great thing about them is that anything goes! Whilst some recipes call for overly complicated methods and ingredients, we prefer to keep ours quick and simple like this one. The perfect way to stay hydrated and healthy during the warmer months – read on for the lowdown on why we’ll be slurping up smoothie bowls all summer long.


A heavy breakfast can often leave us feeling bloated and with poor digestion for the rest of the day, however a light and refreshing smoothie bowl is one that never fails to keep our digestion moving and our stomachs flat! Whilst purely produce-based versions are best enjoyed as snacks, we make sure to amp up the healthy fats and plant based protein in our morning smoothies to ensure we give our bodies the energy they need to thrive throughout the day.


Refreshing, hydrating and full of nutrients – smoothie bowls are a great breakfast to enjoy throughout summer thanks to the high content of water-based fruits and vegetables that keep us hydrated as they fill us up. As we require a larger amount of water in warmer weather, the more you can get from your food the better – so slurp away until your hearts content!


In case you didn’t know, healthy digestion means healthy energy! Easily digestible fruit, vegetables and plant-based protein is much easier for our bodies to break down than a greasy fry-up, meaning more energy can be spent on being productive (spin class anyone?) as opposed to digesting. As a bonus, consuming a nutrient rich meal first thing in the morning is a sure-fire way to get a whole host of essential vitamins and minerals directly into your cells.


Here at Hip & Healthy we’re all about getting as many greens into our day as possible, so what better way to sneak in a few extra portions than in our morning smoothie bowl! Feel free to play around with the leafy greens that you use and be sure to experiment with different textures and tastes to see what takes your fancy. We love adding avocado for a creamier texture or a sprig of fresh mint to our cacao based bowls – yum!


One of the great things about smoothie bowls is they’re usually bejewelled with crunchy toppings that require some adept chewing to break down. Whilst smoothies in a glass or bottle are more than easy to guzzle in a few sips, smoothie bowls are intended to be eaten with a spoon and in the same fashion as you would eat your usual bowl of oats – significantly slowing down the process. When we consume liquid-based foods such as smoothies or soups without chewing, they enter our digestive systems much to fast for our bodies to process what is going on. This is why it’s super important to ‘chew’ everything you consume to enable the nutrients contained within to have a better chance of being absorbed by our bodies instead of passing straight through.

By Zsa Zsa Vella 



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