We all love a good, old new year’s resolution, especially at this time of year. Be healthier, get fitter, richer, work harder, get promoted. All this pressure on ourselves to do more, achieve more, be better. Doesn’t it sound like utter hard-work? And let’s be honest, the odds are dead against us, we’re destined to fail and beat ourselves up. Resolutions are made to be broken, simple as!

So why not go easy on you this year and make the commitment to be more abundant? To feel full and satisfied with life and all it offers, resulting in a much better life for you. Sounds simple? It really can be. Let’s jump on board and go on an abundance journey with treasures at the end.

To understand abundance, we need to recognise lack. It’s a big deal when transforming your life.

Is one of your mates living life through a lack mentality? Meaning they’re stuck in the ‘I don’t have / feel enough’ cycle. They moan about their lack of cash, they can’t afford that shiny, sexy Topshop dress, Alo Yoga leggings, Nike ID trainers, hot yoga class. They whine about their “flabby” legs, grumble about the absence of dates, sigh about their pay…get the picture? They’re set on autopilot, shifted to lack, and they’re quite literally draining themselves.

Or maybe that friend is you? Are you feeling the lack or drain of life? Are you stuck or blocked?

Well fear not lovely one, you’re not alone. The majority of us are programmed to focus on lack and how little we have, as opposed to being grateful and accepting of what we do have. Maybe it’s left over war-mentality embedded into our family belief system, passed down through the generations. Who knows? But it’s not getting us anywhere very fast, in fact it’s stopping us dead in our tracks. So how do we shift from a place of lack into a place of plenty? Let’s continue the journey.

Abundance is an overflowing quantity of something. It’s a feeling of fullness, affluence and richness of life. Often linked to money and wealth, abundance can be found in every area of your life; relationships and love, health, work opportunities, friendships.

As we move into 2015, take a moment to think about how which areas of your life you’d like more abundance. Where in your life do you feel limited or restricted? Why do you think that is? There’s no reason to feel this lack when abundance can be accessed relatively easily…

“Abundance is not something we acquire, it’s something we tune into” – Wayne Dyer

As the quote suggests, abundance is already here. It’s waiting for all of us to “tune into” like a radio frequency and bring into our lives. Our natural state (without all the baggage) is abundance and we ALL have access to this. It’s only ourselves, with our fears and limiting beliefs that stand in our way.

Everything is energy and vibration (vibes), including us. When our energy is high we feel great and positive and we attract in more amazing things. When our energy is low, we feel blocked, down and negative and we attract in more of the crappy things. This is how the universe works, it’s a law of attraction that states we attract in what we give out and we are constantly giving off information based on how we’re feeling and what we believe. So why am I telling you all this? Stay with me…

Here are some other ways to create more abundance in all areas of your life starting today:

I Am Abundant – Use this as a daily affirmation and repeat every morning. Say it slowly and consciously and observe how it feels when you say the words.

Where am I abundant now? – Notice where you’re abundant now and celebrate it. Rejoice in the ways you are abundant right now.

I Am Grateful – Be grateful for everything, even when you feel a lack of something. Gratitude creates more abundance as you are acknowledging the greatness in your life. You will immediately shift the energy around your life and all will become more positive.

Connect to your passion – Make a list of things you love to do, and make a commitment to yourself to do them often. When you love doing things, abundance naturally flows in as you’re in your love groove.

Celebrate other peoples successes – Be super supportive of other people’s abundance / success / wealth. By doing this, you’re raising your vibration and are wide open to attract it all into your own life.

Give often – Share things with others, be generous. If you see a homeless person, give them food. Your generosity will come back to you in abundance.

Words by Jody Shield – www.jodyshield.co.uk