This week give your body a little summer glow boost with our top health supplements! With chillier august days setting in, we think it’s super important to give ourselves a helping hand to starve off those inevitable colds and coughs as well as keeping us feeling on tip top form as we approach autumn!

The Workout Wonder – Bodyism Berry Burn, £49.95
Packed with acai berries, this powder will take your workouts one step further by boosting the body’s ability to burn fat and turn it into energy! Plus, it is also crammed full of antioxidants like blueberries and the lesser-known brindle berry, which will help your body to fight free radicals and keep your immune system in tip-top condition. We like to add ours to a pre-gym smoothie.

The Tummy Toner – Symprove Probiotic Drink, £21.95
Want to beat the bloat this summer? Tried, tested and loved by H&H, Symprove is a great way to get your digestion working as it should, keeping bloating at bay by regulating bacterial imbalances in the stomach. Best to take it first thing in the morning 5-10 mins before you eat. The reason being is that when you eat something your digestive enzymes become active and more acidic…taking your Symprove before eating will give the probiotics a better chance of working their magic rather than getting broken down immediately upon entering your body.

The Hair Hero – Perfectil Plus Hair, £17.95 
Summer can be a killer on your lustrous locks; all that sea air, sunshine and chlorine can result in untamable tresses. Perfectil Plus hair contains the all important trio of hair vitamins and minerals: biotin, selenium and zinc, so the hair can repair itself from within.

The Immune Booster – Bee Prepared Max Strength Immune Support, £11.99
Summer colds are the worse… and there is a nasty one going around right now. Give your immune system a fighting chance with the help bees! Studies have shown that bee propolis (which is a sticky brown mixture that honey bees make from their saliva) is not only immune boosting but also anti-bacterial and anti-viral too. Plus this particular supplement contains reishi mushroom which is a powerful antioxidant.

The Skin Saviour – Viridian Organic Clear Skin Omega Oil, £16.06
Suffering from a Summer breakout? This is the product for you. We all know that getting enough good oils into our diet will help improve the condition of our skin but who wants to eat fish by the bucket load just to ensure you are hitting your daily recommended amount. Enter the Omega Oil. Dominant in anti-inflammatory omega 3, and including 6 and 9 fatty acids too, this oil will ensure that your skin is glowing from the inside out. Either eat by the spoonful, add to your porridge or even pop in your morning green juice!

words by Sadie Macleod