It’s official – Madeleine Shaw’s Glow Guides have launched and we couldn’t be more excited to bring to you a sneak preview of what’s inside all week long! Stay tuned for Madeleine’s MOVE, MUNCH and MEDITATE philosophies alongside recipes, workouts and guided meditations to help you get your glow on this January!

An eight-week transformational programme, Madeleine has designed Glow Guides to act as a pocket personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach all in one app.

Free to download, allowing you to familiarize yourself with all the features, including one of our favourite additions, the Glow Guides Community, which enables you to connect with other Glow Girls and Guys to keep you motivated and inspired.

Through daily strength and cardio workout videos, and yoga videos (MOVE), weekly recipe plans and exclusive new recipes (MUNCH), and guided meditations (MEDITATE), Glow Guides has been designed to not only transform your approach to exercise and food, but also provide the proper tools and knowledge required to maintain a healthy lifestyle long after the eight weeks are over.

Each week of the programme builds on the last – guiding you towards total, holistic wellness.

What the app offers…

– 9 motivational videos, introduced by Madeleine Shaw


– 8 40-minute strength – and cardio-based workout videos led by trainer Shona Vertue with a focus on strength

– Detailed movement plans (printable PDFs)

– 8 40-minute Vinyasa-yoga videos, led by Madeleine Shaw

– 1 45-minute relaxing and restorative yoga video, led by Madeleine Shaw


– 80 tasty new recipes

– 8 complete weekly meal plans (all dietician approved)


– 8 meditation audios, led by Madeleine Shaw and designed to be done daily

The Glow Guides App, Madeleine Shaw’s transformational programme, is out in January. Available in iOS and android (£49.99).

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