I find that running is a bit like marmite. You either love it or hate it. But there is no denying that it has its health benefits, and therefore we think you owe it to yourself to find out if it’s for you. Whether on the road, the treadmill, barefoot or on the beach, here are our five reasons as to why we think you should take up running…

Its easy
As one of the easiest forms of exercise you really can bring it anywhere with you – holiday, work, home. All you need is a pair of trainers. If you decide you love it – you can of course – buy lots of wonderful stylish gear that will not only enhance performance but look great too.

It burns the most fat
Running is one of the best forms of cardio exercise you can do. Many claim it also to be the best fat-burning exercise possible. You can burn around 600 calories per 10k (based on a 125lb woman).

It flushes out the toxins
Nothing gets you sweatier than a good run, and out with the sweat comes all the toxins as well. Make sure you rehydrate well after your run with water and possibly a pinch of salt to replace the fluid you have lost.

Running increases your sex drive
It is a well-known fact that exercise increases your libido, but running specifically increases the blood flow to the pelvis area, which in turn increases your sex drive. Not only this, but running will make you stronger, leaner and give you more stamina. Bonus.

Running makes you happy
Not only is it a great stress-buster, running also releases happy-hormones, endorphins, that genuinely make you feel amazing. As long distance runner Andy McMenemy once put it “you will never regret going on a run, but you more than likely will regret not going on a one”. It is hard to not love something that makes you feel so good.

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