Instagram is so awesome isn’t it? Who would have thought a small, picture-sharing app could be so successful and (very) addictive?! Not only has it enabled people to connect with like-minded people, it’s also enabled communities like ours to motivate and inspire people in a positive way. Instagram is such a great tool for when you’re lacking that little bit of inspiration, (especially in the kitchen department!), so below are some of our favourite accounts that inspire us on a daily basis!

The queen of plant-based living, Ella Woodward began her quest for a healthier way of life while suffering from a rare illness, Postural Tachycardia Syndrome. After failing to heal through conventional medicine she turned towards natural healing approaches. After years of a predominately sugar-based diet, she made a drastic, overnight decision to cut out all sugar, dairy, meat and gluten and has never looked back. Now a fully fit, strong and healthy being, she has set out to change the way people thing about plant based diets by creating a blog where she shares her latest, delicious recipes (all self taught!). For drool-worthy breakfasts and delicious smoothie recipes, give her a follow!

This passionate foodie is all about eating as close to nature as possible and does so in the most scrumptious fashion! Charlotte proves that eating healthily doesn’t have to be boring and bland… in fact quite the opposite. Her talent in creating heavenly healthy alternatives to sugar-laden treats is what makes her stand out!

The wonderful Calgary (wellbeing and contributing editor at British Vogue) is a must follow for news on the latest spinning studio to hit town as well as the chicest places to eat if you’re a veggie! She’s educating the world on why going sugar free is the best thing you could possibly do for your body and we’re totally with her!

For a no-nonsense approach to a wholesome way of living, you’ve got to check out @Shecanteatwhat…Founder, 21 year old Emma, chose to not let IBS control her life and has since gone gluten free and follows the low-FODMAP diet in order keep her tummy troubles at bay. Her simple and easy to follow recipes ensure even the busiest of bees can eat with their health in mind! 

Nutritionist and yoga teacher in training, Madeleine Shaw is your go to girl for super healthy recipes with lots of useful, insightful tips to achieving “the glow”! Having been through the whole counting calorie, depriving way of living, she’s transformed her mind and her vision is to help her followers do the same! Go girl!

One of the prettiest insta accounts out there is @Nutritionablebite…! Apart from her recipes being amazingly nourishing and tasty, her imagery is to die for! We love the effort that goes into her pictures and she has the ability to make us crave anything from her Cinnamon Spiced Apple Buckwheat Pancakes to her Healthy Vegan Coconut & Raspberry “Cheesecake”, even if it is 10 o’clock at night!

Former Hip & Healthy Food Editor, co-writer of our E-Book “In The Hip & Healthy Kitchen” and sister to Editor, Sadie, Saskia has ventured out into the big wide (and healthy) world and her instagram page shows just how successful she has become! This ballerina in training wants to prove just how easy it can be to live a clean, delicious vegan lifestyle even if you’re an aspiring athlete! She advocates eating as natural and as organic as possible and we’re with her all the way!

If you’re looking to give your workouts a serious makeover then you have to check out @Censkiii! She’s always got a new and fun way to exercise even if you’re at home! She’s all about #strongnotskinny and if her gorgeous bod doesn’t motivate you then we don’t know what will! Follow her for fat torching workouts and HIIT to the max!

This Swedish beauty started her blog, Fitness On Toast to share healthy recipes, offer nutritional tips and give informative workout ideas for anyone wanting to embrace a healthier way of living. Her personal training background enables her to link healthy eating to a active lifestyle even when travelling abroad. We think she’s awesome and we hope you do too!

words by Molly Jennings

Image from: http://girlswithvintagecameras.tumblr.com