Last week we asked you to spring clean your fridge, and this week we are all about spring cleaning you! With the clocks jumping forward, we now all benefit from gloriously later light evenings – perfect for squeezing in a bit of exercise and making juices (who wants juice when it’s dark and stormy outside!). Plus, the weather is getting milder and we have now officially entered a new season (spring officially began on the 20th March). During winter our bodies slow down to conserve energy, which can cause a certain amount of stagnation, making spring the perfect and most natural time to cleanse and get things moving in time for a much more energetic summer. Read on for our tips on how to spring clean your body gearing you up for a much healthier and happier you!

As the weather hots up it is so important to remember to drink. Start the day with a cup of warm, boiled water and lemon to cleanse and hydrate your system – begin the day as you mean to go on. We asked Nutritionist, Alice Mackintosh, exactly how much water we should all be consuming: “This will vary on a number of factors – age, weight, sex, activity levels, climate will all determine how much we need, but it should fall roughly between 1.5-2 liters for women and slightly more for men, however the colour of your pee is the best way to gauge how hydrated you are – it should be transparent and not too yellow – ironically, a similar colour to champagne!”

One way to expel the built up toxins in your body is to sweat them out. Have you ever done Hot Yoga after a heavy night out? If you have, then you’ll know that you can often smell the alcohol come out of your pores. Max Henderson, Co-Founder of Hot Pod Yoga, agrees that a bit of sweat is great for the skin and certainly helps clean out pores but believes that “generally it’s the stuff that makes you sweat that’s good for you, not the sweat itself – a raised body temperature (from cardio and aerobic exercise)”. And, like Max suggests, Hot Yoga isn’t the only way… go on a run, spin you way to sweat success or try something new like boxing – you’ll be amazed how much you sweat when you are putting your body through paces its not use to.

The health benefits of juicing our plentiful. Not only does it enable your body to take in way more vitamins and minerals from the vegetables than you would be able to if you were eating them whole (a bag of Kale anyone? didn’t think so), but it is also believed to better able absorb all the wonderful nutrients much easier as it gives your digestive system a rest by extracting the fibre, meaning that you use less energy to take it all in. What does this mean for you? Think better skin, more energy, happier cells and a lighter, brighter you! For our favorite places to grab your juice in London, click here.

Sorry folks, but if you want to give your body a break this spring – giving it a break from booze is a must. Not only will it wreak havoc with your energy levels, alcohol is a toxin that your body just doesn’t like – hence the punishing hangover. Instead order lime and tonic water – totally looks like a G&T but with none of the negative side effects. You will feel sooooo good for it in the morning!

Let’s face it – there is nothing fun or pretty about bloating! The way your body digests and processes your food affects everything from energy levels to physical and even emotional health. It can also prevent us from absorbing vitamins and minerals. Ways to help the digestion process? Chew your food – this can really reduce the strain on the gut and the saliva helps break down all those yummy carbs that you are eating. Try not to eat late- digestion slows at the end of the day so keep the big meals to the beginning of the day… breakfast like a king and all that… Take a healthy bacteria supplement – our Editorial Assistant, Molly, swears by this, she takes Symprove and has found it super effective in reducing her tummy troubles, “make sure you choose one of the flavoured ones though as the natural flavour is hard to get down!”.

Tempted to blow out on mini eggs (you know who you are), think twice before reaching for those pastel eggs of evil! Refined white sugar seriously messes with our system. Not only will it cause your blood sugar levels to rise and full quickly putting strain on all sorts of organs, it will also give you an energy crash, rot your teeth and get stored as fat if you don’t burn it off. PLUS, it will make you want to put your body through this again. We say go cold turkey, cut this legal cocaine out of your life. Fear not though, sweet tooth friends can find a host of yummy treat recipe ideas here – that won’t feel like your depriving yourself of anything.

We spring clean our wardrobes every year – it’s such a great feeling putting all the winter stash to the back of the closet and getting out all our summery gear. But what about your workout get up? Still jogging in those thinning lycra leggings you got four Christmases ago? Still wearing those trainers you ran two half marathons in? Now is the time to invest in some super chic sportswear, so that you feel inspired to go on a run when the sun rises. Nothing feels better than feeling fit and looking fit too. For some ideas check out our stylish activewear store here.

Yes, its spring time so you are going to need slapping on the SPF – but before you go suncream crazy we suggest that you get that hot bod of yours out into the early morning sun rays helping to top up those much needed Vitamin D, a hormone primarily created from UV exposure. A deficiency in this crucial vitamin has recently been linked to cancers, immune conditions and bone degradation so take your brekkie outside and soak up some sun… then apply your SPF.

words Sadie MacLeod