Lacking the motivation to kickstart your January detox? Us too. After the season of overindulgence has ended it can be a challenge to get back on the health bandwagon, so try one of our top five at-home tips for an easier cleanse.



It may seem obvious but drinking plenty of water is the best way to flush out toxins and detox naturally. Plus, we often mistake thirst for hunger, thinking we need food when the body is really just dehydrated. An easy way to ensure you get two litres a day is to mark sections onto a large bottle with a pen, then give yourself a personal challenge to drink to each ‘mark’within a set time.


Don’t Deprive Yourself

A January detox needn’t be a short term fix and going completely cold turkey is a surefire way to encourage binging later on. Do give up caffeine, alcohol and refined carbs but allow yourself one cheat meal a week, or even better make a range of healthy snacks, try our sugar free cupcakes or raw chocolate for a guilt free treat.


Eat The Rainbow

Purplish red and bright green foods including tomatoes, avocado, pomegranates, broccoli, beetroot and berries – are often high in antioxidants due to the ingredient sulforaphane, which helps to renew cells and fight cancer. They also help flush out toxins and restore your auto-immune system to its healthy best – a great excuse to try out new recipes.


Don’t Do It Alone

Cleansing alongside a friend makes the process a lot easier, plan to exercise together (meaning there is no excuse not to get out of bed), have healthy dinner parties and even try a juice cleanse.


Eat Mindfully

We know its difficult when you love Instagram as much as we do, but try to turn off technology and sit down to eat, taking time over each meal. Chewing thoroughly rather than gulping down food helps to prevent gut inflammation and ensures you will realise you are full sooner, the Chinese recommend only eating until you are 70-80% satisfied.

words by Harriet Tisdall