This week, the Hip & Healthy team are feeling in a “Brazilian” mood! No, we’ve not got the world cup on our minds… we’re talking about the coveted and gorgeous Brazilian Bod! Brazilian women seem to have this amazing inner confidence, and they totally embrace all the beautiful, natural curves of the female body. We’re definitely all over that! Because we’re feeling so inspired by the brazilian way of enhancing our curves, we’ve compiled some of our favourite exercise that will lift and accentuate those famous Brazilian body parts! Get ready to workout!

Be Bootylicious!

Booty kick backs are awesome for sculpting and defining the glutes and the top of the hamstring… all you need to perform them is a tennis ball! Start on all fours and place the tennis ball behind the back of your right knee and squeeze to keep it in place. Now life that leg behind you up into a 90 degree angle and start some little pulses up and down slowly and contolled. The aim is to keep that tennis ball behind your knee without letting it fall! You should have a nice, straight back at all times and remember to keep your abs tight. Perform 20 on each leg five times a day for a gorgeously toned behind! 

Itzy Bitzy Teeny Tiny Tummy!

Now that you’ve got the Brazilian booty, its time to recreate the “corset” waist look with super effective side planks dips. This move will target your obliques (the criss cross section of your abs), creating toned and sleek muscles that are totally beach worthy! Simply prop yourself up on your elbow, stack your feet on top of one another and raise your hips up and down. Repeat 12 times on each side five times a day. When your abs are shaking, you know you’re doing it right!

Sexy, Slender Arms!

Bid farewell to the “chicken wings” and welcome sexy, slender arms! It can be a challenge to blast the upper arm area but we think arm circles will do just the trick. Arm circles are perfect for toning and strengthening the shoulders and upper arms, but prepare to feel the burn! All you need to do is hold a can of chopped tomatoes (or whatever you have in your cupboards) in each hand, lift your arms to just below shoulder height and get circling! We recommend 1 minute forwards and backwards twice through for best results. Repeat morning and evening and get ready to flaunt that strapless dress! 

Lean, Long, Lengthy thighs!

Mini Band walking is amazing for defining and sculpting the outer thighs and top of the glutes and you can do this exercise pretty much anywhere, be it on the beach or in your hotel room! Place a resistance band around your ankles and take large steps to the side leading with your heel, keeping your feet facing forwards and legs straight at all times. You do feel a bit like an awkward penguin performing this move but it really targets the abductor muscles that run along the outside of your leg and activates the glute muscles too (a booty bonus!). Take 10-12 steps to the right and repeat to the left and perform as many times as you like! There really are no limitations to this exercise and it’s perfect if you don’t have a lot of time! We love the Perform Better Mini Bands where you can choose the resistance that suits you.

words by Molly Jennings

image: Pinterest