Finally, we are starting to see some sunshine! We are well on our way to summer living and alfresco dinning! But along with the warmer weather and longer days (heaven!), we also have to think of how the summer months might be affecting our skin. We’ve compiled a list of our go to foods when

Hydrate – Watermelon
Made up of 92% water, watermelon is probably one of the most hydrating foods in the world! Dehydration is a lot more common in the summer and it can leave your skin feeling dry and dull. Next time you whip up a green juice, add some watermelon for an naturally sweet, hydrating lift.

Oils – Avocado
Summer wouldn’t be the same without a refreshing swim in the pool or ocean, but did you know that it can strip back the natural oils from your skin? Keep your skin flake free and looking Victoria’s Secret ready with avocado, the goddess of all beauty foods! Try this Jolly Green Giant Smoothie!

Collagen – Pumpkin Seeds
What woman doesn’t like a bit of wrinkle protection? Well get your hands on some pumpkin seeds. These seeds are a awesome skin food because they contain zinc which helps protect your cell membranes, helps maintain collagen and promotes skin renewal. They taste delicious mixed in with some coyo!

Glow – Berries
Get your glow on with plenty of berries! It’s no surprise these sweet little jewels are on our list of summer skin foods! Berries are super high in antioxidants, which help protect our skin from free radical damage. Our favourite berries are blueberries and strawberries… fruity smoothie anyone?

Burn – Tomatoes
We’ve all woken up on holiday looking more like a tomato rather than a human! (ouch!) But funnily enough, the juicy tomato can actually help prevent sunburn! A German study discovered that frequent consumption of tomatoes 8-10 weeks before a sunny holiday could decrease the risk of sunburn. This is due to lycopene, the carotenoid pigment that gives the tomato its distinct red colour.

words by Molly Jennings