Modern life is full of challenges, and unfortunately for our bodies, we’re simply not adapted to cope with what are now everyday occurrences of stress due to over-working and continual exhaustion. One of the first issues to emerge from such a lifestyle is poor digestion and overall gut function, sure, a bit of indigestion isn’t exactly devastating, however there is far more to the gut than meets the eye, and a healthy digestive system has actually been shown to provide the route to optimal all-round health.

The gut is a part of the parasympathetic nervous system, the branch of the nervous system that allows us to calm down and de-stress, which means it is constantly ticking over, 24/7. Naturally, this is asking quite a lot of your body, and therefore having an abundance of healthy gut bacteria to help is crucial for peak gut function as well as good immunity.

So what should you be eating to give your gut as much help as it needs? Everyone’s body is unique, and therefore we all have slightly different needs, so really the key point here is to listen to your own body and what makes it feel good – however that being said, there are some rough guidelines as to what you should be trying to include in your daily diet.

Healthy fats should be included every day as they’re super nourishing as well as having soothing anti-inflammatory properties; good-quality, organic and grass-fed if possible, protein is essential – organic meat is higher in healthy omerga-3 fatty acids and is also less likely to contain the harmful antibiotics that may have been fed to non-organic livestock. Of course it goes without saying that plenty of fruits and veggies should be eaten, the natural prebiotics present provide perfect fuel for your good probiotic bacteria. Nuts, seeds and pulses can be a little trickier for the body to digest, so try to soak them before cooking – this will rid them of any enzyme inhibitors that may weaken the digestive system. Something to totally avoid (or at least save for special occasions!) is alcohol as it is highly inflammatory to the gut.

If all this seems a little overwhelming, take a look at Daylesford’s ‘Feed Your Core’ range of healing prebiotic salads, soups, and smoothies, they provide perfect, easy gut nourishment to reset your body back to its healthiest and happiest state, and you can be assured that Daylesford use only the highest quality, organic, seasonal and all-natural ingredients. Our top picks are the Blueberry Smoothie, Ginger Turmeric Shot, Chicken and Vegetable Broth and Chilli Bean Bowl.

Finally, even if you’re eating the best possible foods in the world, your gut is not going to be very happy if whilst eating you’re simultaneously rushing about, scrolling through instagram or catching up on your favourite TV program. Try and be totally mindful as you eat – smell your food, really taste it, notice how the texture feels in you mouth, chew slowly and think about the nourishment you’re giving your body. This way your gut can actually recognise the fact that you’re eating, meaning the food will be more easily digested, but you’ll also be able to tell when you’re full and prevent the overeating that often occurs when we’re distracted.

Above all, don’t forget to feel happy that you’re taking the time and patience to look after and cherish your body from the inside out – trust us; you’ll feel amazing for it and be well on your way to the healthiest version of yourself.

Words by Meryn Turner

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