With the dark and dreary mornings still in full swing, it can be very tempting to sink deeper under your duvet and snooze all over that workout you planned the night before, (hey, we’ve all done it!). The question is, how can we break this habit? Just how easy is it to sustain an active and nourishing lifestyle when all we want to do is cosy up during the winter months?

Well lucky for you, we have an answer! If you need that extra motivational push in whatever healthy-inspired direction you’re aiming for, whether it’s eating better or exercising, then turn to this list of our favourite, inspirational apps to keep you motivated to eat, move and live the Hip & Healthy way!


Viva la Vita – Alternative fitness classes in London. Free

Viva la Vita is a nifty little app that is ideal for London fit-sters looking for a different kind of workout. The app handpicks 10-15 alternative fitness classes a day, from kayaking to boxing to aerial trapeze and allows subscribers to book in just a couple of taps. Once a space is reserved the reference and ticket is stored in the app so there is no need to print anything off before the class begins. So simple and it’s great for people who love to workout a little more unconventionally!


Human – Movement monitor. Free

Human is an activity tracker that encourages each user to move for at least 30 minutes a day for optimum health. The app doesn’t require any fancy equipment meaning that only a smartphone is needed for it to work. It detects movement and logs each distance travelled whether it’s a two-minute walk to the bus stop or an hour long run. A GPS tracker lets users see where they’ve walked, for how long and at what pace. Every minute counts!


Fitocracy – Fitness and Exercise App. Free

This is a great app for those who like to workout on their own terms. It has a log of pre-prepared workouts with weight-lifting and bodyweight exercises as the focal points, which are the perfect ways to tone muscles and shred un-wanted fat. You can choose from any of the workouts provided, or customise your own from the extensive list of exercises that Fitocracy supplies. Videos of each exercise are a great how-to guide for those unsure of how to perform any of the movements mentioned and you can add as many reps as you like to get the full burn!


Noom – Habit changing for health. Free with in-app purchases

Noom has proven to be an incredibly popular app with over 11m global downloads since its launch. Noom concentrates on changing people’s habits to encourage healthy body image and healthy living. Rather than focusing on weight, the creators of Noom wanted their app to be for people of different shapes and sizes, providing healthy advice and motivation whilst tracking food intake and exercise. Google Fit says that it’s in the next generation of lifestyle apps. We think so too!


Honestly Healthy – Alkaline Lifestyle App and Recipes. £2.99

Honestly Healthy has extended its immensely popular lifestyle series of online content and recipes to a newly launched app. It offers lifestyle guidance and advice on how to create alkaline meals, providing over 40 recipes. Natasha Corrett, the founder of Honestly Healthy wanted the app to complement the HH alkaline lifestyle, making it the perfect source of health when on-the-go. New recipe packages can also be downloadable for 99p according to the seasons.


Deliciously Ella – Plant-based, nutrient-dense, healthy recipes. £2.99

The Deliciously Ella app is the direct component of the super successful Deliciously Ella food blog, which focuses on natural, clean and plant-based eating. The app features over 100 beautifully presented, purpose-made recipes to inspire anyone to cook healthy and delicious meals, from dawn till dusk.