Trying for a baby is one of life’s most exciting things, and the thought of bringing a part of you into the world is amazing! As you might know, Hip & Healthy are passionate about using food as medicine (where possible) so we thought we’d share with you our top 5 foods to help boost your fertility!

Salmon – Expectant yummy mummies are often advised to be cautious when it comes to fish, but salmon should definitely be on your list for aiding good fertility. The fatty acids in this oily fish have shown to help the production of the reproductive hormones, regulate the menstrual cycle and increase blood flow to reproductive organs.

Mangoes – A great reason to add more of this juicy fruit into your diet is because of its beta carotene content. Beta carotene, (also found in carrots, peaches and apricots) converts in to Vitamin A, which helps the body to produce the female sex hormones important for ovulation. Try our nourishing Mango Sunshine Smoothie for a fertility-enhancing pick me up!

Sweet Potato – Research has suggested that Sweet Potato can help stimulate ovulation and it’s one Hip & Healthy’s favourite root vegetable! Another reason to whip up some delicious sweet potato mash for dinner tonight!

Brown Rice – Brown rice makes it into our top 5 because of its ability to regulate the blood sugar levels. Big surges of insulin can disrupt the menstrual cycle, making it more difficult to conceive the next member of your family tree. Again, a great reason to cut out processed sugar from your diet!

Sunflower Seeds – I swear sunflower seeds are good for everything! These nutty gems contain Zinc, an important nutrient for both male and female fertility. It’s also pack with protein, which also helps increase fertility. Sprinkle on top of your porridge for a baby-boosting breakfast!

words by Molly Jennings