The dreaded “C” word. We’ve all heard of it… we’re all scared of it… and we all want to know how to get rid of it! Cellulite is unfortunately, quite common amongst us ladies and surprisingly, 80% of women over the age of 20 will develop a form of cellulite at some point in their lives. Great! This frustrating condition is caused by normal fat cells becoming enlarged. They are usually kept in place by our connective tissues, but when they become too big and the connective tissues can’t expand anymore, the fat cells have no where to go except up! They push against the dermis and epidermis and this is when we start to see those little bumps of terror starting to appear!

There is still no magical cure for cellulite (hurry up scientists!), but there are definitely ways to significantly reduce the appearance of it. Below are some tips and tricks that we like to incorporate into our lifestyle to help minimise the “orange peel” look!

Dry Body Brushing
A well-known beauty secret amongst celebrities and beauty gurus alike is body brushing. Crowned the queen of cellulite busters, this particular art of brushing helps firm, tighten and smooth cellulite-prone skin as well as softening hard fat deposits that sit under the skin. Toxins like additives, colourings and pesticides have also been linked to the development of cellulite, and because our bodies don’t know how to process toxins they never leave our body. Body brushing activates our lymphatic system, which is responsible for eliminating toxins from our body and prevents a build up of toxins. Try to incorporate body brushing into your daily routine before you get in the shower. Use long stokes in an upward motion towards the heart for best results. We love the Liz Earle Body Brush!

Body Scrubs
This luxurious practice has definitely got anti-cellulite benefits and it’s a bonus that it leaves us feeling pampered too! A good scrub will stimulate blood flow, which will help give the appearance of super soft, glowing legs. It can also help break up and distribute the concentration of fatty tissue deposits under the skin, making the tone of your skin smoother and less bumpy. Our all time favourite scrub has to be the Cowshed Spearmint Exfoliating Sea Salt Scrub!

Like body scrubs, indulging in the odd massage will really help stimulate blood flow and the lymphatic system, thus improving the tone and tautness of our skin. It will also help break down fatty deposits especially around the upper thighs and bottom, the worst offenders of all!

It’s so important to stay hydrated for many reasons, but keeping on top of your fluids will significantly improve signs of cellulite. Drinking more water will allow the body to release excess water that your body might have been storing, leaving your skin smooth with more definition. When we’re a little dehydrated our skin can have that “puffy” effect and this will only enhance cellulite even more!

Resistance Training
Exercise is definitely on our list of cellulite busters as this will help reduce the build up of fatty deposits under our skin. We recommend including some resistance training in to your workout programme, as increasing your muscle mass will give your body more definition in your muscles leaving you feeling and looking leaner and more toned. Our go-to cellulite busting exercises have to be squats and burpees!

Like we mentioned, toxins can play a huge role in the development of cellulite, so the first thing we would recommend doing is to remove any processed, sugary foods from your diet. Additives and colourings are just bad news for our bodies full stop! We then suggest incorporating some foods that are high in antioxidants to help combat the toxin build up that might be going on inside your body. Besides, who doesn’t love a good antioxidant boost? Our favourite ways to consume antioxidants are definitely thin skinned berries like blueberries and strawberries in a smoothie. Try our Berry SuperCharged Smoothie! 

words by Molly Jennings

image: Zimmerman