Bloating tummies are never fun and often have you wondering where you’ve gone wrong. If you have ruled out a food intolerance (wheat, dairy, gluten are just some of the culprits) then here are some other things you can try to deflate a bloated stomach:

Eat little and often: This helps to regulate blood sugar levels as well as keep the stress hormone, cortisol, to a minimum. When cortisol is high in the body it tends to slow the metabolism down, which can lead to bloating.

Eat bananas: They are packed full of Vitmain B6 which helps manufacture the happy hormone, serotonin (which in turns combats cortisol).

Avoid beans and nuts: They can be hard for the body to digest and may cause gas – which is both hugely uncomfortable and unattractive! If you must eat nuts, ground them first.

Reduce the stress in your life: It is amazing how much our tummies can be effected by stress – especially if you are prone to storing your emotions there. Anything stressful will instantly aggravate the bowel if you are this way inclined, which lots of us are. Introducing exercise also helps with this as a way of giving your stress another avenue. Or try yoga.

Avoid fizzy drinks, alcohol and coffee: Instead introduce peppermint or fennel tea – especially if you feel the symptoms coming on as they have an instant calming effect. Peppermint tea has never failed me in times of need.

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