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Encouragement to live a healthy lifestyle is often the topic of conversation and at the back of our minds. But by simply listening to our bodies, we can understand what we really need in order to function at our very best. Our bodies are the best tool to help us make the right choices – from making sure we get enough sleep, to staying hydrated and eating correctly, and much more…

We’ve put together some useful tips on how to become more in tune with your body for a huge health impact!


Just a few minutes of daily meditation is a good first step to understanding our bodies. These precious moments allow us to focus purely on ourselves, without being distracted by life. A few minutes of silence will restore our sense of calm, and bring attention to any aches, pains or areas of concern that we might need to address. Being self-aware can make you feel empowered, as well as ridding any negative energy.

“Sit and meditate. Simple meditation is a practice that will sensitize you to how you feel. When you are in feeling mode instead of thinking mode, you are connected to your intuition and in the right place to begin making your own rules…” Tara Stiles, Founder of Strala Yoga, NYC.


Feed your body with real food
Being in tune with our hunger levels can help us eat at the right times to ensure we are getting enough nutrients in our bodies. Noticing which foods make you feel good will allow for healthier food choices. Eating a sugar-laden snack can leave you feeling cranky and craving more junk food because your blood sugar levels will be all over the place! When you need a pick me up, drinking coffee on an empty stomach will put you into energy overdrive and stress out your adrenal glands, leading to weight gain. Eating protein rich snacks, such as homemade protein balls or oat cakes with nut butter, will give you sustained energy and fullness, as well as nourishing your body and brain with essential fats and proteins. Resorting to a sugary snack is not good for your body – sugar depletes your body of vitamins and minerals, leaving you irritated and can give your mood a turn for the worst. Try a matcha latte with honey instead to give you a natural and antioxidant packed energy boost.


Create energy…
When you crave a coffee or sugary treat, you are really craving energy. We find that drinking a veggie packed green juice is a real energy booster. It provides our bodies with essential vitamins and minerals.

If you still crave coffee, try and get more sleep. Sleep can decrease your stress levels and ensure you make better food choices. This in turn will lead to less sugar cravings, and a longer and leaner body.


Listen to your gut by tuning into your eating
It is important to remember that how we eat is just as important as what we eat. Eating slowly and chewing our food allows for optimum digestion so that our bodies can absorb all of its nutrients.

If you eat on the run or too quickly, you can experience indigestion, heartburn and bloating. We recommend that you eat in a stress free environment – leave the office, and take a walk to clear your head before tucking in.


Learn how to de stress …
It is believed that working out at high intensities every day is the path to a fit and healthy body. But if you live a busy lifestyle, it might be better to include lower intensity exercise into your routine. Regularly putting your body under intense strain can increase stress levels, which leads to elevated cortisol levels and the laying down of fat around our tummies. Becoming in tune with your body really comes down to being kinder to yourself. Find an exercise you love (even if it is walking to work!) to clear your mind – this can be hugely beneficial both physically and mentally. We love hot yoga because it strengthens the whole body and builds lean muscle, as well as being deeply restorative and stress busting with its meditative aspects.

words by Katie Hafner