Just when you couldn’t think of any more ways exercise could improve your life, another reason pops up! Aside from a toned, strong physique, improved digestion, glowing skin, improved quality of sleep, exercise can drastically improve your mental health and happiness. Even the smallest amount of exercise can do wonders! If you’ve had a stressful day, a workout is the perfect way to zone out for an hour or so and leave your stresses behind. By allowing yourself to tune into your body and mind, you will finish your workout session feeling notably calmer and more positive.


Physical exertion and getting the blood flowing can really boost self-esteem and by noticing the benefits of a regular routine, it can help boost your confidence and your overall feeling of happiness. Not only this, but setting fitness goals will give you a great sense of achievement… who wouldn’t want that?


By getting your blood flowing through a good sweat session, you will be increasing the oxygen flow to your cells and muscles, thus improving concentration and boosting your energy levels.


If you suffer with from anxiety, anger, depression, lack of confidence or any other issues, exercise should definitely become your new best friend. Below we’ve highlighted what form of exercise is most beneficial for you to help you achieve a healthy mindset.



THE ISSUE: Aggression/Anger

The Solution:

If you have a tendency to feel angry or aggressive, yoga is a brilliant way to release it! Yoga focuses on you’re breathing, which allows you to have control over your body and mental state. Allowing yourself time for relaxation and meditation will clear your mind and potentially help you unlock the reasons for your angered feelings, leaving you with a sense of peace. Yoga classes provide you with positive energy which you will gradually learn to adopt so you can reap all the calming benefits.




The Solution:

If you suffer a lot of stress for whatever reason, boxing or combat training would be best for you! By training in this way you can let off some steam and channel the stress into something good. There are tons of classes out there such as BXR, Body Combat and Barry’s Bootcamp that will allow you to let off steam as well as achieving a great level of fitness. Double whammy!



THE ISSUE: Lack of body confidence

The Solution:

HIIT training combined with strength training is amazing if you are lacking in body confidence. Whilst strength training really targets the muscles and improves the tone, HIIT training entails short bursts of intense exercise mixed with rests that get your heart rate up and sends those all important endorphins around your body. These two types of training will create significant changes in your body which will certainly help your confidence grow!


THE ISSUE: Anxiety

The Solution:

Anxiety sufferers should really consider taking up running/jogging (outside, not on the treadmill)… this steady way of exercising get’s you out in the fresh air which is not only good for the lungs and soul but it can help take your mind off your worries and significantly reduce your anxieties. Hip & Healthy founder, Sadie, recommends downloading some inspiring audio books or podcasts to really help switch off and even learn something new!


words by Isabelle Shury