Never before has there been such a need to find new and effective ways to find our inner calm – a bit of balance in this madness we’re currently calling life!  That said, we also know that many of us are needing to carefully consider what we’re spending our money on. So how do you make sure you’re spending your money wisely on products that actually work?

Here at Hip & Healthy HQ, we’re big fans of CBD. It’s great for myriad health and wellness benefits, from sleep and mood to stress and your immunity, and there are lots of brands to choose from on the market, with a wide range of prices. With so many potential benefits, could it be the one-stop-shop for finding your balance at such a mad time?

But with so many choices out there, how can you be sure what’s right for you? Well, to help you out we’ve done lots of work and research to decode this year’s biggest wellbeing trend, that way you know what to look for and why. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Look out for the words ‘CBD from broad-spectrum hemp oil’ on the product packaging and/or ingredients list. CBD can come in a variety of different forms; full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or pure/isolate. We would recommend CBD derived from broad-spectrum hemp oil as it has none of the unwanted THC that is present in full-spectrum – which is, in nearly all cases, illegal in the UK anyway. It also has a better flavour and far more plant benefits than isolated CBD. Basically, it’s a good middle ground.

Make sure CBD content is clearly shown in mg or %. Not only should your product state the type of CBD it uses i.e. broad spectrum, but it should also state the quantity too. CBD is expensive because the process of extraction is complex. Brands that use decent quantities should want to make this clear to anyone buying their products as it indicates quality and justifies the price. Look for at least a 10mg per dose as a good starting point.

Ensure your product has been independently tested – getting your levels right takes time and consistency, which is why you need to know the strength of CBD used so you can control how much you’re consuming. Research uncovered that there are lots of products being sold in the UK which contain less than the stated amount of CBD, which means you could be being misled on the strength of your recent purchase. We suggest checking to see if the product states that it is ‘independently tested’ – it’s one of the ways to ensure your product is reputable and has been produced in a way that’s effective and lawful.

Make sure the CBD is water-soluble if it’s in a drink. Water-soluble basically means that the CBD will be fully absorbed into the drink itself and your body will be able to absorb it better. This means you get every precious drop rather than an oily residue causing it to be stuck on the rim of the glass.

If the CBD is in gummies, make sure it’s infused rather than sprayed. There are quite a few gummy brands out there – they are popular because they’re easy to carry and quick to take. We would look for brands that infuse the CBD into the gummy itself rather than spray it on. The latter means that some CBD will come off the gummy and sit as an oily residue inside the pot, meaning you are getting less CBD than you paid for. It may not say this on the packaging, but we’ve found that many brands talk about the development of their products on their websites so it’s worth doing online research.

Make sure your product states that the % of THC is non-detectable or under 0.3%. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is another cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Unlike CBD, which is legal to buy in the UK if sold as a food supplement, THC is a Class B controlled drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. That’s why reputable brands should state that the THC is ‘non-detectable’ preferably with a % which indicates the product has been tested by an independent laboratory. 

It’s really important you look for all these elements when buying any CBD products. At a time when money worries are as heightened as health, you need to be spending those pennies wisely. We recently came across lifestyle CBD brand, Pollen, while doing our research and knew they were on to something. All their products are independently tested, twice, use CBD from broad-spectrum hemp oil and contain undetectable levels of THC. These guys take CBD seriously (plus they taste amazing too!).


Pollen’s range contains three unique products:

The Gummies
Pollen’s CBD gummies are infused with 10mg CBD from broad-spectrum hemp oil. You can choose from three families, all with unique flavours; Powerbank (vegan) – these gummies are designed to keep energy levels feeling topped up with cacao, lemon and orange; No Pressure (vegan) – complemented with turmeric, cayenne and grapefruit these gummies are the ultimate anti-inflammatory; Soothe You – these gummies promote a sense of balance and serenity with lemon, honey and cherry. 

The Drink Drops
The power of Pollen’s CBD Drink Drops is not to be underestimated. A great way to turn your daily drinks into something tasty and even more beneficial for your body and mind, these drops are the perfect way to get your much-needed CBD dose without any extra hassle and all are made with water-soluble CBD. Each one comes with a measured dropper for precise dosing and is available in different strengths; Powerbank – vanilla flavoured, each 2ml dosage provides 10mg of CBD; No Pressure – bursting with berries, this 2ml dosage is equal to 20mg CBD; Soothe You – a botanical powerhouse, a 2ml dosage gives you 30mg of CBD. Hip & Healthy tip: purchase the starter pack to find out your favourite flavour. We add Powerbank Drink Drops into our morning coffee for an extra boost.

Fresh and fruity, Pollenade is the perfect on-the-go pick me up. Designed to bring you back to balance, this drink is a great addition to your 4 pm snack. Natural juices of grapefruit, lemon and raspberry all contribute to the drinks delicious flavour, plus it’s low in sugar and suitable for vegans.

Pollen’s products speak for themselves – just try them and you’ll see – but perhaps what is even more impressive about this brand is their commitment to quality, and their aim to create a safe space for their consumers and beyond to talk openly and feel supported. Just a quick glance at their Instagram and you can see the current work they’re doing to support their creative community with uplifting news as well as working with them on a range of digital events during the Covid-19 crisis. This really is a brand of the future – a caring, compassionate and kind future that we are completely on board with.

For more information or to buy Pollen products visit www.uk.withpollen.com and Hip & Healthy readers can use code April20 to get 20% off the full range (ends 30th April)