Want to sleep better in June? Here’s what to Buy, DIY & Try!


Buy – de Mamiel “Settle” Rollerball
Taking inspiration from Chinese medicine, acupuncturist and healing facialist Annee de Mamiel’s believes that beauty regimes should rejuvenate the mind as well as the skin. Turn to Settle on those nights when sleep evades you when you are wide awake, mind buzzing, feeling restless and a to-do list is running through your head. The base oil combines a bespoke blend of herbs, watermelon seed oil and passionflower oil to maximise the absorption of vitamins and minerals such as Magnesium, Zinc and B Vitamins that are essential for quality sleep. Together with the essential oils, this potent blend settles both the mind and body and eases you into a deep, calm and comfortable slumber.

Apply Settle to your palms and gently rub your hands together. Place over your nose and breathe deeply for a minimum of 3 breaths. Anoint the inside of your wrists then roll the oil across your chest and breathe. Exhale and roll the oil back, letting go of any tension. Shop Hipandhealthy.com

DIY – Set a curfew
Time to kick that email-checking, Instagram-scrolling in bed habit for good because it’s ruining your evening wind-down. All the blue light and stimulation will make it really tricky for your body to fall asleep so we suggest setting a technology curfew. An hour before you go to bed, pop your phone on flight mode, switch off your laptop and dim the lights so your body and mind can get ready for slumber. You’ll have time to run a bath, do a face mask, read a book… basically, all the things you want to do but never get round to doing! By removing electrical stimulation and dimming the lights your body will begin to recognise it’s no longer daytime and hopefully, you will begin to feel sleepy!

Try – Pukka Herb’s 7 Day Sleep Kit
Feeling stressed all the time?  Relax and keep calm with ashwagandha.  Excess stress can play havoc with our hormones, mood, sleep patterns and skin.  As well as learning to put your laptop down and switch off from social media as much as you can, getting out into nature and having an early night; using calming and stress-reducing herbal botanicals such as chamomile, fennel, marshmallow root and ashwagandha can be of great benefit to help bring you back in balance and calm a frazzled mind and unhappy digestive system.  Pukka’s new 7 Day Relax kit has been formulated by medical herbalist Sebastian Pole and combines 7 days of soothing tea and a herbal supplement to help you go from stressed to serene. £7,99 for a 7 day supply. Available from Amazon 

  words by Molly Jennings