We love a cleanse here at the H&H HQs. Not only is it a great way to give your system a re-boot and rid your body of toxins but it also comes with added benefits of brighter skin, more energy and reducing bloating. Juicing also allows the body to regain an alkaline balance, as well as normalise digestion and give your metabolism a gentle nudge. Tempted? Then be sure to take note of these top cleansing tips inspired by our friends at Plenish Cleanse, to maximise your detox and leave you feeling Super-Human.

The best time to cleanse
It is not recommended to start a juice cleanse during an emotionally intense time or during a major life transition. Instead, begin when you feel able and set yourself up for success – ask your friends and family to be supportive and maybe even join you!

Set new intentions for yourself 
Whilst preparing for your cleanse it may also be beneficial to set intentions of what you want to achieve from it and what you feel no longer serves you. Do you need to heal relationships or feelings of illness? Embrace your cleanse with an open heart, as now really is the perfect time to become the best version of you!

What to eat (or not eat!) in preparation
Cleanse preparation is so important and three days before you begin your cleanse, you should be weaning yourself off some of the things which are making you want to detox in the first place. Such as red meat, processed and fried foods, caffeine and sugar. PLENISH cleanse in London explain that in doing so, the easier and more beneficial your experience will be and the less you will suffer from unpleasant detox symptoms, such as headaches and fatigue. 

The day before your cleanse you should be more than ready to kiss goodbye the indulgences and are ready to fully embrace the green! PLENISH recommend a fresh fruit salad for Breakfast. A Smoothie or a leafy salad with lemon juice, olive oil, himalayan salt and pepper for lunch. Dinner may consist of lightly steamed vegetables with a tablespoon of olive or hempseed oil and himalayan salt. So this means don’t go for the panic-stricken “last supper” approach and have a burger and chips the night before! 

Totally normal side effects
Everyone feels slightly different whilst cleansing because we are all beautifully unique. There are however a few common side effects which are totally normal. Besides feeling invincible and having a rejuvenated sense of productivity, there may be times when you feel a little chilly. This could be down to your body not digesting food, which generates heat. So sipping on lots of herbal teas throughout the day will warm you up and keep you hydrated too. Hydration is key, so keep drinking at least eight glasses of water per day! Do listen to your body and if you are feeling tired, that’s okay. We also suggest easing up on your usual work-out routine and instead recommend taking one or two light walks per day to accelerate your lymphatic and circulatory systems. If you experience bad headaches, remain calm! It is likely a result of your body ridding itself of toxins, so be sure to drink more water. Or perhaps you’ve gone cold turkey from the caffeine you normally drink – try a peppermint tea instead.

To help you get the most out of your cleanse, it is recommend to try infared saunas, which will not only help you sweat, but relax you too. Dry skin brushing and massages are also great ways to assist the detox process.

Yippee you did it!
Well done you! We bet you feel and look amazing, but be warned, don’t immediately reach for the foods you were probably yearning for on day 1. So try and break the cleanse as gently as possible… your body and mind will thank you for going easy on yourself.

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