Have you ever heard of the compound effect? The theory that lots of small things mount up to something pretty huge eventually. Or on the flip side, the tiny things that you think aren’t too bad, but actually, add up to be pretty damaging?! Take your morning routine for example, and think about the small changes you could make, that would lead to huge positive impacts in the longer term, not only for your health but for the environment too. 

We know that these types of thoughts can be a little overwhelming and daunting, but the good news is we are about to introduce you to a brand that will make shifting your morning oral care routine into a seamless, sustainable, and stress-free habit! Cue Zendium.

Born out of Denmark, the world’s most environmentally friendly country as ranked by WHO, Zendium is making sustainable oral care choices more accessible.  As a brand committed to oral care solutions that are kinder to our mouths, Zendium is on a mission to also be kinder to the planet with fully recyclable toothpaste tubes made from 60% plant-based plastics and mouthwash bottles and toothbrushes made from over 90% recycled plastic. All products are approved by PETA meaning Zendium does not test on animals anywhere in the world and are now available in Boots.   

The compound effect theory is not only applicable to the environment though, we can also take the same idea and apply it to our mouths. Brushing our teeth twice daily is a relatively small action, but it’s these little moments in our routine that can make a big difference. 

Interested in keeping your mouth clean with a clean conscience? Here are our recommendations: 

Naked shopping (well not literally)
In the UK, over 30% of landfill refuse is made up of recyclable bathroom waste – that means lots of us are incorrectly recycling our empty toiletries and packaging! Zendium have come up with a revolutionary solution to help tackle unnecessary packaging by losing the box from all their toothpaste products – because who needed the carton anyway? This no box, less waste, concept makes it easier for us to adopt greener oral care habits and show the planet some love. 

Brushing up
When accounting for our impact on the planet in relation to our oral care routines, it’s not only our packaging consumption that we need to be aware of. Did you know that the average person in the UK uses 142 litres of water a day, with over a 1/3 of adults not turning off the water when they brush their teeth? Brushing up on the importance of saving water during the 2 minutes that matter, Zendium has developed a ‘fast-rinse’ formulation to reduce the amount of water used when brushing your teeth – 4 litres per person per week to be exact! We won’t try to do the math on that one, but the numbers are racking up to show pretty significant water saving!

Toss the tube
Finally, all Zendium toothpaste tubes are fully recyclable and are made using 60% plant-based plastic from sugarcane – so every time we finish a tube and pop it in the recycling bin, we can feel good in the knowledge that it won’t be adding to landfill, but instead will be recycled. And given that we use, on average over 700 tubes in one lifetime, mother nature will be thanking us for being so conscientious.

Why we think Zendium needs to be built into your morning routine

Zendium is a range of toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss free which contain gentle ingredients without the need for harsh chemicals and are enriched with proteins and enzymes to boost your mouth’s natural defences, to help maintain a healthy mouth. 

Zendium works with the mouth’s microbiome, to create a healthy environment by boosting good bacteria and reducing bad bacteria, delivering a prebiotic benefit to both your teeth and gums. 

For those of you reading this wondering what on earth is the oral microbiome is, we get it, it’s not a word our parents used while telling us to brush our teeth daily either, but we’ll give you the scoop! 

Our oral microbiome is the ecosystem that operates in every one of us. It is filled with good and bad bacteria, all working to keep a healthy balance. And to give you a little perspective on the importance of our microbiome, we have around 100 billion bacteria in our mouths, which is the same as the number of stars in the galaxy! Mind-blowing stats hey?

Our founder, Sadie Reid, says “I absolutely love using Zendium – I just feel so great knowing that while I’m brushing my teeth, I’m also making a positive impact on the planet. It’s not something I’d thought too much about previously, but now every time my ‘naked’ toothpaste arrives, I feel quietly proud that another tree was spared! I’m also really excited to get my 6-year-old trying the Junior Toothpaste range – now, more than ever, it is so important to teach future generations about the impacts of our actions on the planet and I look forward to getting him started on his eco toothbrushing journey!”

Zendium is now available in Boots*, showcasing the first naked toothpaste shelf, hoping to revolutionise the dental care shopping experience and start taking better care of the planet, not just our teeth. 

Get yours in-store or online at Boots, Ocado, Amazon or Zendium.

*available in larger Boots stores nationwide