The Christmas season is one that we all enjoy, but much of the time we are stressed with parties, family, the thought of eating ungodly amounts of sugar and spending unbelievable amounts of money on gifts that we aren’t even sure the recipient will like.


We tend to get lost in the flurry of stress and forget to truly enjoy the time we spend with our loved ones. We break down some of our top tips to keep you mindful and to help live in the moment even when your Great Aunt Victoria is asking why you’re still single or don’t have kids yet.


Disconnect to reconnect

One of our top tips even outside of the holiday season is to switch off. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the opportunity you have to spend time with your loved ones. E-mails can wait and Instagram will still be there after Christmas. If you, your friends, and family have trouble peeling away from the screen, make it a house rule that everyone leaves their phones in a basket at the front door. By limiting the temptation to look at your phones, you have the opportunity to create new memories with your loved ones and no ‘like’ could ever replace that.


Living in the moment

We have become people who are constantly multi-tasking. If we are washing the dishes, we are thinking about what needs to be done at work, and if we’re working, we are thinking of the laundry that needs to get done before the guests arrive. One of our top tips to make the most of your Christmas is to live in the moment. If you find your mind wandering, make a conscious effort to focus on what you’re doing at that moment- even if you’re just washing the dishes or wrapping presents. Doing things with your full attention will allow you to have a greater appreciation for the smallest things.


Enjoy giving & receiving gifts

There is nothing quite as stressful as worrying about gifts that you’re not sure if someone will like. Of course you want to give your loved ones gifts they will appreciate, but getting lost in the stress of choosing a gift means that you also lose the meaning of the holiday season. Most likely, whomever you’re gifting is just happy to be spending time with you in the first place. Alternatively, much like compliments, receiving gifts can sometimes be awkward. Don’t feel guilty about receiving nice gifts. Just be happy that you have individuals in your life that care about you so much!


Change your mentality

Remember when you were a child and Christmas was perhaps one of the most exciting things to happen all year? Get back to those moments! Rather than dreading this often hectic time, think of how often you actually get to see your Great Aunt Rita. Avoid small talk if you can and find topics of discussion that people will truly enjoy or that can spark a memory. One of the best things about spending time with family you don’t often see is getting to know more about their lives!

words by Nadia Liu