Five top tips to help you start loving your Monday mornings by Eve Menezes Cunningham 

When you think about the coming Monday morning, notice how it makes you feel. Do you feel fine or experience a sinking sensation in your heart? Really allowing yourself to think about Monday morning and being mindful of the bodily sensations it brings up for you, as well as giving you clues about your approach to Mondays, can demonstrate the link between mind and body and the importance for your health to change the way you feel about 1/7 of your working life.

What is it that you don’t like about Mondays? Maybe you no longer love your job? If retired, perhaps you miss your partner as she or he heads out to work leaving you alone? Make a few notes listing everything you currently dislike about Mondays.

Who in your life loves Mondays? No matter how much they love their Mondays, these people will have their share of challenges but have clearly figured out how to avoid letting them get them down. Whether they’re family, friends or you just know them through facebook, what can you learn from them? Imagine them facing your typical Monday morning. What might they do differently? Perhaps you can ask them for advice as well as imagining their responses.

Revisit your own Mondays and make a few notes of things you can start doing differently this week. They may include actions (from beginning to get things organised for Monday morning on the Sunday evening or even Friday evening as this can help make the weekend feel longer to reassessing your life and seeking new work you’ll enjoy more) or thoughts (like immediately thinking of at least one good thing in your Monday ahead and training yourself to focus on such positives).

Experiment. Depending on how long you’ve disliked Mondays, it may take longer than one day to change your attitude. By noticing what helps you feel better and what doesn’t work for you over the coming weeks, you’ll be in position to create Monday mornings that will have you leaping out of bed in anticipation in no time.

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