Spiritual and intuitive healer and yoga teacher, Maria Lodetoft, has been working with women and men for years helping them to heal their relationship with money and giving them important life hacks on how to attract more of it. As Christmas looms ever closer, we asked Maria to share some of her most sought-after tips with us, so that we can enter the new year freshly prepared to become money magnets of our own making.

Be clear on your intention, your goal and your WHY

  • Journal about your relationship with money and see it clearly from an outside perspective, this may help you to see things more clearly as to your current relationship with money. 
  • Write a letter to Money, tell her how you feel about her now and apologise for any wrongdoing. Tell her about the beautiful things you will do together.
  • Become aware of her, each time you do anything around money, say thank you and be grateful.
  • The Why helps us to open our field with intention – we have to always come from a place of love. Using the why helps us manifest and heal away from the ego, when you find your Why, it’s a heart let purpose. When we manifest from a place of feeling, it happens much quicker. Think about how you can do good with your money – root your ‘why’ in generosity.
  • Let the How go and focus on the Why and how you feel when you’ve achieved it

Become aware of your Money distortions and when they show up:

  • It’s your responsibility, as part of the collective to heal your distortions and limiting beliefs. 
  • If we have distortions around self worth or self love, the universe will block us from manifesting our desires. Some examples of money distortions is believing that as a woman you are unlikely to be the bread-winner. Let go of these thoughts that don’t serve you.

Replace the negative beliefs into positive ones:

  • Understand that every negative statement, every distortion is a personal attack on Money.
  • See it as a token of your success – be grateful that we have money for electricity and water.
    • I can’t afford that —> I’m choosing not to buy this right now
    • I’ve spent too much —> I’m so grateful that I can enjoy these gifts from money 
    • How can they spend so much on that —> I am so happy for him to be able to enjoy, they’re learning on their journey and I’m learning on mine 

Re-write your Money story and become confident to tell it:

  • Become aware of Money each time you do anything around Money – say thank you with gratitude
  • Practice daily awareness of your money vibration, show gratitude always and become aware of your vibration. Your vibration is your frequency.
  • Communicate with Money – dedicate your yoga practise to Money, play a song, light a candle without feeling any shame or guilt
  • On payday make an altar or do a money ritual, thanking her for these gifts 


  • Manifest in a way that suits you whether it’s journalling, visualising or making vision boards
  • Open your field with your Why to manifest, create and dream from the heart. Trust your soul and your heart and don’t go with the head or it won’t manifest 
  • Embody your future self – present yourself how the future version of you would – the reality is already yours, embody it.
  • Be aware of the now but be unattached. When we repeat thoughts we are copying the current blueprint imprinting them into future grids. Create the codes that will serve you and imprint these. No more negativity around our finances! 
  • We have over 270,000 thoughts every single day. Unlink your past and your future.
  • Be clear and specific: the quantum field loves details. Give yourself time for details and play with it.
  • Increase your capacity to receive: you are worthy and open yourself up – you have the energetic space of holding this
  • Use requests and demands eg: I request for the limiting beliefs in my field that no longer serve me to be dissolved. I request that codes of total abundance and self worth now be present. 
  • Seal your field with intention – gratitude, love and support. 
  • We are always in ritual – connect with yourself at the end of the day.

Manifesting Magic:

Moodboard by drawing or painting your future vision

  • Only buy and invest in things that give you true joy
  • Day dream – let yourself get lost in thoughts on the bus
  • Manifest with all your senses – really feel it
  • Embody the new wealthy you

Maria runs money manifestation workshops with the Wellness Foundry: Wellnessfoundry.co.uk

The Wellness Foundry

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