Whilst eating healthy may seem daunting at times (we all know how easy it is to pop into the local supermarket and purchase convenience foods on the way home from work), it needn’t be that way! Here at Hip & Healthy, we’re all about inspiring the masses to live a happy and healthy life, including those of us who are on a budget! We’re here to tell you that healthy eating is not expensive! In fact, once you’ve stocked up on your pantry staples, you’ll find it’s actually much cheaper in the long run! Read on for our top tips on how to eat healthy on a budget!

Whatever you do, cook from scratch!
If you’re anything like us at Hip & Healthy you’re prone to indulging in your fair share of store-bought energy balls, kale chips and green juices, and whilst it’s totally fine to splurge occasionally, if you live off of healthy snack foods like these, you’ll be whittling down that paycheck a lot quicker than we know you’d like! The great news is that by making your own protein balls and/or smoothies from scratch means you still get to enjoy a healthy and delicious snack for half the price! Discover the healthy DIY snacks we love here.

Buy your nuts, seeds, grains and beans in bulk
Buying in bulk is the best thing you can do for your bank account. Make sure you buy big kilogram bags at a time and stock them away in your cupboards, as these foods will stay in date for ages! This is a sure-fire way to save money as little packs of nuts and seeds from Whole Foods or Waitrose can seriously add up. Nuts and grains will also bulk up your meals and keep you fuller for longer so you avoid buying expensive snacks on the run.

Take a Tupperware box to work
Prep your meals in the evening or make a big batch on Sundays to last you through the week. We love chickpea curries, baked sweet potatoes or vegetable chillis – not only are they cheap and easy to make, but also chock full of flavours and goodness! Make sure you cook double quantities, so you have some for supper, and leftovers to pop into your Tupperware for lunch! H&H loves: Life Factory glass containers.

Buy frozen veggies and fruits where possible.
We can guarantee that buying frozen produce or freezing foods in season will save you a heap of cash! Berries, for instance, are incredibly expensive when they are out of season. What’s more, studies have shown that frozen fruits and vegetables can actually be healthier, with higher levels of vitamins and antioxidants than their fresh equivalents. Go stock up your freezers guys!

Buy fresh produce at markets

We really recommend you break the habit of always going to your supermarket! We urge you to check out your local farmer’s markets and stock up on avos and bananas etc there for way less money than in your typical supermarket. Research has shown that by shopping at our local farmer’s markets, we can save a crazy 32% on fresh veggies and fruits! Another money saving trick is to purchase cheaper cuts of meat – you’ll find that chicken thighs or lamb shoulders cost way less than chicken breasts or lamb chops, but these can still be deliciously tender and bursting with flavour if prepared correctly.

Take it easy on the superfoods
Whilst superfoods are a great addition to a healthy diet, if money is tight, don’t feel bad leaving them out of your grocery haul. Here at Hip & Healthy, whilst we do love our superfoods, we treat them as an extra boost of nutrients as opposed to the star of the show! If you feel like you’re missing out on your dose of superfoodie goodness due to lack of funds, set aside a few pounds per month to buy one type that you love or have been meaning to try.