Jet lag really is one of the most annoying parts of travelling! How many times have you got to a destination only to sleep through most of the first 48 hours due to jet lag? All you want to do is unpack your suitcase and get started with your trip but when those sleep eyes kick in, submerging yourself into crisp hotel linen can be all too tempting. “Just 5 minutes,” you say to yourself.

Jet lag comes in many different forms and isn’t just reserved for people jetting off somewhere far-flung. Even a short flight to Europe can throw your body out of whack and cause you to feel a bit weary and bemused, especially if you’ve got a long drive after you land. Rushing through busy airports, breathing in recycled air, having the child behind you kick your seat the ENTIRE journey, and delays are just a few examples of how travelling can be stressful whether you’re travelling near or far.

So, if the often stressful process of going on holiday leaves you feeling less than bright-eyed when you reach your destination of choice, then read on for the rituals we’ll be doing to help combat jet lag this summer.

TAKE – Wild Nutrition’s Wild Traveller
Energy levels and sleep patterns can be easily disrupted by air travel and that “out of sorts” feeling can put a dampener on the beginning of your well-deserved break away. Wild Nutrition are well-known for their great quality, food-grown supplements and we swear by taking their Wild Traveller blend to help support our bodies when travelling. The magnesium helps to combat tiredness and regulate sleep cycles while the zinc helps support cognitive function. We like to take them a week before travel and through the first 48 hours of our holiday.

DROP – Australian Bush Flower Essences’ Travel Essence
We’re huge advocates of naturopathic remedies to support the body and we’ve recently discovered Australian Bush Flower Essences and their extraordinary blends made from bush flowers found all over Australia. Their travel essence is designed to help you feel balanced and de-stressed so you can hit the ground running as soon as you land. Travelling can take it out of you so a couple of drops before, during and after the flight will help stay calm, centred and refreshed.

Westlab sleep salts

SOAK – Westlab Sleep Salts
There’s nothing a good soak in the tub can’t fix right? Well, if you’re lucky enough to have a bath in your hotel room or Airbnb, make sure you pack Westlab’s Sleep Salts so you can detox from your day of travelling on your first night before bed. Packed with jasmine, lavender and valerian, this dreamy blend will relax the body and promote a deep, restorative night’s sleep.

cloud twelve

INDULGE – Cloud Twelve’s Tranquility Pro-Sleep Ritual
Jet lag doesn’t just affect us on the way out, it also hits when we come home. Not only are you piled with a build-up of laundry, but you’re also feeling pretty exhausted! If you’re London-based, you need to check into Cloud Twelve in Notting Hill and try their new Tranquility Pro-Sleep Ritual. This is an innovative massage acting on three different sensory pathways: olfactive, tactile and hearing for complete relaxation. This is an ideal treatment to book in for after a long flight as it will help adjust your body to the new time zone and it will also help rehydrate your skin.

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