Ever feel like you are juggling far more than you ever thought possible and the fear that any minute now, everything may tumble into one giant mess? Then, fear not. You are not alone. One of the biggest factors of life in today’s society is that we have so much going on, and so much opportunity, that it makes it very difficult to say no to things. Either way, you’re likely to feel overwhelmed by adding more to your plate if you say yes, or have a FOMO (fear of missing out) moment and like you wasted an opportunity if you say no. You can’t win!

As with most things, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and there are many ways to help you combat, lessen or remove these feelings of uncontrollability or failing at “balance”. You will also note that every single person will be affected at one point (probably more than once), with this problem so you are not alone!

There are simple effective ways in which to regain your equilibrium, and a lot of this is being able to understand how to manage your time effectively and perhaps changing your perception on things you feel are in your way.

So, to help, we have detailed our 8 best ‘methods’ to help counter the crazy and build harmony which will hopefully help you to become more successful at work and happier at home!


A key factor to overcoming anything is stepping away from your *gadgets*, let the digital world work without you for a while, limit your need to view work emails (preferably stop altogether) at home. Set yourself a limit of 20 mins to go through instagram, twitter, facebook and/or catch up on emails in the evening and then focus on the living people around you. If you can, put a *do not disturb* on your phone between 8pm – 9am, so you don’t see any messages, hear any phonce calls or alerts. We have become so consumed with this digital world that we have forgotten what it was like to not be surrounded by electronics. Letting go of the need to have 24 hour access to the internet will actually make your life a lot less stressful, so let’s start slowly and if you do one thing, try turning the computer and TV off 2 hours before you go to bed, then maybe add in not looking at your phone until 9am the next morning. Eventually you can take bigger steps and go ‘old school’ for a whole weekend. Its sounds extreme but really it’s a great way to take a moment, not be contactable every second of the day, and take time out for you…


Blocking out Time for YOU
What better way to find time to work on things than to ‘Block’ out chunks of time in your diary, whether that’s at work or home, so you can manage your time. This method is used across the globe and to a high degree of success. It allows you to focus on all the big and little things you put on the back burner and those “I’ll do when I have time” reminders. Which may be lower in priority but still sitting in your conscience buzzing around causing you distractions. So block out time – get them done, no one disturbs you, if you do this at home then let your nearest and dearest know this is for a better future together and a calmer you – the Greater Good! At work, this is the time to focus on tying up loose ends, replying to emails, finishing things and once done… the sweet release of completion can waft over you and start calming your nerves.


Embracing other ideas
According to reports, the Danes rank top of the Better Life index with a score of 9.1 out of 10 for their work-life balance. The UK is a low 6, so lets take a page out of their book and adopt thier healthy respect of efficiency as well as prioritizing life over work. Bring about a change in your working environment, build on a friendship and take lunch at a set time so you can enjoy it together out of the office. Camaraderie is especially important in promoting a happier working environment, so if you can and management will allow, ensure your working day works for you, be efficient with your time as well as flexible in your working hours. All this helps to embrace the term ‘Hygge’ – A term we love and is loosely translated to mean enjoying life’s simple pleasure, friends family, graciousness. Shouldn’t we all really try to embrace this term and bring more ‘Hygge’ into our lives? A happier person = a more efficient person. It’s a no brainer really.


Tea Break with a Difference
Yes you read correctly, make the most of your tea breaks with some quick learning. Pop on a ted talk and look for the playlist “10 talks under 6 minutes”, which are designed to fit around your break, and simply learn or just listen to something new. We all need to take breaks more often throughout the day, especially desk workers who look at a screen from morning until evening. It’s important to step away periodically to not only give your eyes a break, but to also move around, fill up your water and create blood flow around your body again. So, next time you finish a task, before you start the next, get up from your workspace, plug in your headphones for a 6 minute ted talks and you’ll most likely discover your mind is more ready for the next task on your to-do list.


Untidiness can create a frazzled mind and can send us into chaos without even trying. Your workspace and your home can really have a big effect on your mood and productivity, so take time every day to tidy up your living space and your desk area and then make a habit to keep on top of it, so it never builds up. This could range from doing the dishes as soon as you’re finished using them rather than waiting until the next morning, to organizing and filing all your paperwork and putting your ‘Priority’ workload to the surface, so as to not cause any undue anxiety. These are all easy ways to help you think rationally, and make you more productive.


Did anyone say Coffee Shop?
This could be a little controversial and obviously won’t work for everyone but working in different locations has been found to create more focus and have a better productivity than in the office, whether that’s working on the train, working from home and even working from a coffee shop. There’s something about working in a different environment that sparks creativity and a change of scenery every so often could be just want you need.


Get Creative
Instead of going home and collapsing in a big heap of knots, use your personal time to do something creative, such as writing, gardening, playing with the kids, playing a musical instrument, painting. Separating yourself from your work day can go a long way in helping you relax and unwind and allow you to switch off. Being creative allows our brains to shut down and almost slip into an almost “meditative trance” where our worries and negative thoughts are starved of any attention. So instead of crashing out in front of the TV, try doing something creative for an hour or two and you will start to see the difference in being able to recharge the batteries.


Mindfulness meditation
If, after a busy day, you find your thoughts are on a non-stop moving train, take a moment, breathe deeply and allow your breath to wash away the stresses. Instead of engaging with your thoughts and all the things you have to do or haven’t yet done, just let them fly past… Thoughts are transient, they flow in and out and only if we let them do they ever become something, so just let them float and bring your body and mind back to a level playing field. Doesn’t have to be long, as little as 5-10 minutes can help increase your memory function and allow you to be more focused. It will do you the world of good!

Words by Carole Armitage: Personal Trainer, Wellbeing Coach and founder of The “Change Movement”

Instagam: Carolearmitage Website: www.carolearmitage.co.uk

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