With Christmas just around the corner, the numerous social occasions are building up. It is so hard to balance the many events in our diaries with staying on track with health and feeling good about ourselves as well. So much of feeling good externally comes from the way we feel internally. It is perfectly natural that we’re going to feel a bit bloated after a one too many prosecco and mince pies. The good news is that there are definitely some things we all can do, both before you get the dancing shoes on and the day after.

Set yourself up for a bloat-free Christmas whilst not feeling like you’re missing out.



If you know you’re going out in the evening, preparation is absolutely key. Definitely no meal skipping even though you might feel like you want to avoid those extra calories so you can indulge later on. It’s definitely better to stick to as normal a routine as possible, so ensure you have a good healthy breakfast and lunch with lots of veggies involved and some nutritious carbs like oats or sweet potato, not to mention plenty of water. If anything, turning up to a party when you’re not starving will probably do you more favours as you will be less tempted by naughty treats.


Pick your poison

When choosing your tipple, choose carefully. Wine and beer are more likely to trigger the bloat because it is fermented and full of yeast and sugar. Try and stick to a gin and tonic or vodka and soda to reduce the sugar intake and also avoid any uncomfortableness the next day.



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Take some me time and reduce stress

Make sure you make time for you. One of the main things that stresses your digestion out, is stress! It is so easy when we are busy and flying from Christmas shopping to Christmas shmoozing without taking a breath, to forget to take any time for ourselves. We skip meals, we make poor food choices, we forget to drink water. Schedule in some time for yourself, whether this is taking a yoga class, going for a run or getting a facial. Taking some time to stop and take stock is essential at all times of the year, but especially at Christmas when we are always on the go.


Find the balance

In between festivities, give your body a break – find some balance and dodge the bloat. For us, the quickest and easiest way to do this is with a green juice, but a veggie soup will also do the trick. You’re giving your digestive system a break whilst also topping up on essential nutrients.


Christmas is coming but there is no reason why we need to choose between feeling good and enjoying the festivities. It is not normal to feel bloated and uncomfortable every day, try and work out what is triggering the bloat for you and work different options into your routine. Planning, time out and rebalancing our bodies throughout the Christmas period will all help!


Words by Rachel Cruickshank

Instagram @rachelcruick