Nearly at 50, but not looking a day over 30 (really), Elle Macpherson talks to Hip & Healthy Editor, Sadie Macleod about how her brand new green powder that keeps her feeling young and looking and feeling amazing…

On The Super Elixir:
What I love about this alkalizing powder is that it is bio-available, meaning it goes directly into the cells and it nourishes them completely so the 45 ingredients that it includes are directly absorbed by the body and that support 11 systems of the body. Australians tend to really think out of the box and they are very wellness conscious and so having a three women Australian team [in my business, Welle] has been a great source of satisfaction and has enabled us to create a beautiful product that really works. Since I have taken the super elixir my hair has gotten so shiny, and I have honestly seen people get results like this within two weeks!

On eating alkaline:
I try to eat alkaline where possible, but if I can’t the powder helps to balance my body when I drink to much coffee for example or feel too much stress. But if you combine it with exercise the effects are more powerful and more obvious.

On growing up in health-conscious Sydney:
Wellness has always been important to me and that’s why I called the company Welle. I am much more into wellbeing maintenance than doing big body overhauls all the time – I think that is a very Australian way of seeing things.

On being successful in what you do:
Having vitality and being inspired and that feeling of “I can do” is incredibly important in life whether you are a man or a woman, whether you’re a teenager or you’re fifty and that’s something that we don’t talk about often. We talk about being fit or thin and about being beautiful but the real energy force comes from being motivated.

On taking supplements:
I have always taken supplements and the thing that I love about the Super Elixir is that it has simplified of all my self-diagnosis of all the vitamins and minerals that I needed from all the different doctors around the world. Finally it’s all in one product and really does the job for me and it’s very efficient and very simple.

We ask the product’s co-creator, Dr Simone Laubscher (a specialist in disease prevention and anti-aging nutrition and personal nutritional doctor to Elle), who formulated the product – what exactly is in it and why is it so brilliant?

Dr Simone highlights some of the key ingredients of The Super Elixir for us…

It uses an organic super-greens base

Shitake and Miyake Mushrooms: which have been used in Chinese medicine to support the immune system since the Ming dynasty. Cancer and disease hate them.

Pro- and Pre-biotics: to ensure that every part of the digestive process was fully supported

Horsetail: Great for hair, skin and nails

Flaxseeds: For their oils and their fibre

L-Glutomine powder: to heal the gut

Tumeric Powder: super anti-inflamatory

Available to buy here: http://www.welleco.com/the-super-elixir-caddy.html