If, like me the thought of sweating away in a hot room for an hour and a half fills you with dread then it’s time to pay a visit to The House of Yoga, says Bex Fairbrother

Newly-established studio, The House of Yoga is a spiritual and relaxation haven. Set in the trendy south-west suburb of Putney, a 15 minute train journey from London Waterloo, The House of Yoga is a new, state-of-the-art infrared hot studio.

As soon as I walked through the door, I felt a sense of calm and was greeted by a smiley gent who was signing myself and fellow yogis in.  The studio space is clean and uncluttered-exactly how your mind feels upon leaving the centre. The House of Yoga has successfully managed to create an environment which is truly relaxing and where one is able to escape the hectic pace of modern, everyday life which we seem to have become so accustomed to.

The teacher Natasha was inviting, friendly and informative, giving us variations of the poses depending on how strong and dynamic we were feeling at that present moment. Like restaurants that only have a few dishes on the menu are often found to be the best, the same can be said for the House of Yoga. Since they are not over-fussy – what they do, they do well. They only offer a small selection of well thought-out classes and each there is one to suit all tastes and abilities. What’s also great about the studio is that there is also a fresh air ventilation system running through the studio so there are no unpleasant odours pervading the air.

Whilst Bikram yoga is practised in the oppressive, stifling heat of 40 degrees celsius, the classes at The House of Yoga take place in the bearable and arguably quite pleasant temperature range of 28-32 degrees. This is because the studio is heated using infrared panels, creating a soothing rather than hostile heat. There are numerous therapeutic benefits to practising yoga in infrared heat. In particular, the heat has a hugely detoxifying effect on the body as the movements coupled with the heat encourages the body to sweat thus promoting the removal of toxins that are stored in the body.

Normal yoga is championed for improving flexibility, joint mobility as well as reducing muscle stiffness and while yoga, which is practiced in infrared heat has all of these health-boosting benefits, it has in much larger quantities due to the added bonus of the heat. Hot yoga also promotes weight loss, improves our circulatory system, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress. Meanwhile the heat allows you to move deeper into your postures.

The type of yoga which is practiced in The House of Yoga is Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga.  As the name suggests, this form of yoga is powerful and dynamic. The word vinyasa means flow and this idea of fluidity in movement and breath transcends all the classes. It is an uplifting style of yoga that not only tones, strengthens and conditions the body but increases flexibility.

There are also classes ranging from one hour to an hour and a half so depending on how energetic and ambitious you are feeling, there is something for complete newbies to the more, hardcore, die-hard yogis.

What is fantastic about this type of yoga and the reason it has become so popular is the fact it leaves you feeling cleansed from the inside out, ensuring you leave the class on a natural high. If you are new to Hot Vinyasa Yoga and are slightly dubious about the prospect of holding challenging poses whilst enduring hot temperatures then the fantastic introductory offer of 14 days of unlimited yoga classes for £20 is the perfect choice. You will definitely get the yoga bug after the first class and will be definitely get your money’s worth.

There is a lovely community spirit within the studio and they also offer an exciting variety of workshops and programmes for those who are looking to deepen their practice. With expert tuition, affordable classes and flexible membership, it’s a no brainer. Rejuvenate your exercise routine and ensure you don’t fall off the new year’s resolution wagon with a class of Hot Power Yoga at The House of Yoga.

Visit www.thehouseofyoga.co.uk to find out more.