Invest in rest is a mantra we live by here at H&H…whether that means taking a bath, downloading a meditation app, going to a yoga class or simply catching up on some Zzz’s, we are firm believers that taking some time to yourself is the key to happiness! House of Wisdom is the self-development wellness space that is living by this ethos. Opening on the 17th of August 2020 in the heart of London, ‘House of Wisdom’ is the first-of-its-kind, aiming to encourage rebalance and reconnection with yourself. The innovative holistic studio has been designed to empower the mind and body through profound talks, workshops and classes to help you deconstruct limiting beliefs and reconnect with your inner power.

Founders Steph, Luca and Cristina set out on a mission to give people a deeper sense of wellbeing after embarking on separate journeys of self-discovery and decided they wanted to share what they had learned. The concept was born out of their collective dedication towards creating a space where people can gather to develop and explore techniques for making positive changes in their own lives. Community is an integral part of H.O.W, all are welcomed to become part of this authentic practice of mindful self-exploration and connecting with like-minded people. The outcome? Inspiring positive growth and transformation in your life for the better!

The curated schedule of classes includes holistic therapies, educational workshops, group sharing circles, yoga classes and ceremonies to name a few. The wellness experts at H.O.W specialise in nutritional therapy, kundalini yoga, sound therapy, reiki, breathwork and life coaching, giving a real 360 approach to health and wellbeing. Adopting ancient practices that are supported by modern science, you will learn valuable skills to give you the tools to implement change in your life.

Using state-of-the-art sustainable design, H.O.W is a multi-sensorial wellness sanctuary which you will not want to leave! The studio employs emotive lighting and calming colour palettes to provoke immediate relaxation through the activation of alpha brain waves. H.O.W’s ethos of ancient healing for modern living extends across the selection of healthy snacks and adaptogenic-infused smoothies at the on-site healthy cafe. The space also features a library of profound books for personal transformation and wellness, as well as a small lifestyle shop, where journals and crystals will be available, amongst other things, for continued at-home practice.

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