Hotpod Yoga has unveiled its latest studio offering in the heart of Belgravia, London. Creating a calming atmosphere in optimal temperatures, this serene studio in Eccleston Yard is fully equipped with changing facilities, showers, mats and blocks for each attending

Stepping inside their 20-person pod, you are instantly transported into an out of this world cocoon of glowing purple lights and restorative aromas, heated to the optimum temperature of 37 degrees, enabling you to move deeper and feel a new level of intensity during this ancient practice. Following a vinyasa flow practice, you’ll be guided through a balanced flow of active and passive postures, creating practices that can be adapted to your needs, the teachers are delivering yoga in its most powerful form, converting the doubters and the sceptics. Whatever your level of yoga, you can expect to stretch further, sweat harder and immerse yourself deeper during a 45 minute or one-hour class encased by soothing soundscapes. If you are looking to leave each class with limitless energy, a clear mind and a glowing complexion, look no further than Hotpod Yoga Belgravia. This empowering yoga franchise is growing globally with Hotpod studios popping up in 50 locations across 8 countries and 6 locations across London. Class prices are dependent on which studio attend, however individual classes start from £12 and memberships from £40.

For more information on locations and prices, visit the website here.