Today is the day! After much anticipation, Honestly Healthy In A Hurry ( the 4th in a series of recipe books written by Natasha Corrett) is now available to order! Hooray!

If we take a trip back in time, Natasha was one of the first to identify the (lasting) trend of eating an alkaline diet. Her first book really educated us all about what eating an alkaline-rich diet could do for our bodies and how we could incorporate more alkaline foods into our meals. This was just the beginning for Natasha and her Honestly Healthy empire. Fast forward to present time, with four best-selling books under her belt, she’s managed to maintain her prestigious title, Queen of alkaline, whilst showing us how to do it all in a hurry!

Our fast-paced world certainly isn’t slowing down anytime soon so her latest book, Honestly Healthy In A Hurry should definitely be on any busy food lover’s hit list! It’s ideal for all sorts of people – busy mum’s, pushed-for-time city workers, hustling entrepreneurs… the lot!

In this book, Natasha really hits home about how choosing to neglect our health because of our busy lifestyles is extremely detrimental to our over all wellbeing and even happiness. How many of you find yourselves all too often dashing out of the house without having breakfast? We’ve all done it, but it’s definitely a bad habit that needs to be kicked, fast! The quote “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” was famously said by Benjamin Franklin and is Natasha’s moto when it comes to maintaining a healthy and alkaline diet in a hurry. From Sunday prep nights to clever batch cooking, Honestly Healthy In A Hurry covers it all so you can thrive and enjoy nutritious meals in no time at all!

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