Honestly Healthy, aka. Natasha Corrett is one lady who talks a whole lot of sense when it comes to health. Advocating the importance of practicing balance when it comes to nutrition, Natasha’s newest book, the Honestly Healthy Cleanse, based around alkaline forming foods – or ‘the alkaline way’ – as Natasha calls it, already has quite a devoted following.


Whilst taking care of our diets and eating whole, natural food as much as possible is essential for a healthy body ‘we live in the modern world,’ says Natasha ‘not in caves in the middle of a forest’. This practical approach to looking after ourselves from the inside but ensuring we balance our dedication with being able to enjoy eating out and the occasional drink with friends is what makes Natasha so relatable and the Honestly Healthy Cleanse so easy to work into daily life.


At Hip & Healthy we love to promote the fact that nourishing food never has to be boring, and this is manifested in the Cleanse. Comprised of 100 delicious and beautiful recipes, the book is a hub of inspiration for anybody looking to neutralise the PH of their bodies, particularly after a toxin-laden Christmas. It is now well documented that acidity causes inflammation which leads to disease and therefore an alkaline body is a healthy body. After finally reaching breaking point with stress, tiredness, and weight troubles which resulted in a trip to an acupuncturist who changed her views on eating, Natasha embarked on a journey to rid herself of her own acid build-up. The Honestly Healthy Cleanse is a physical manifestation of all Natasha learnt on that journey and a fantastic guide for anybody on their own quest for wellness. Tackling the abundance of acidity in our modern lives, the book offers four cleanses to kick-start an alkaline-forming lifestyle to ultimately leave you rejuvenated, happy and full of life for the long term.

Eschewing the misconception that detoxing means burying yourself for days under a pile of lettuce leaves, the Honestly Healthy Cleanse packs an abundance of plant-based superfoods into smoothies, juices, breads, hearty main meals and decadent sweet treats. Recipes we are particularly hungry for include a grain-free pizza and the we-can’t-quite-believe-they’re-cleanse-approved Gooey Vegan Brownies. We’ve already devoured a big, warming bowl of the Immune-Boosting Porridge along with a glass of the Maca Almond Milkshake for breakfast, and can confirm that the Starter Green Juice makes for fantastic pre-workout energy. Thanks to the Honestly Healthy Cleanse we are well on the way to joining the alkaline club!

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words by Rachel Bednarski