…with these top ten tips from Personal Trainer, Max Willcocks

Getting up on a Saturday at 7am may seem like a chore for most but I relished the opportunity to do just that if it meant a free PT session with fitness expert, Max Willcocks. He certainly knows how to put a girl through her paces – but I always come away feeling toned, fitter and more ready for the day than ever. I decided that his fountain for fitness knowledge and the handy nutrition and lifestyle tips he gives out during sessions are too good not to share, so here are Max’s top ten moves and morsels of information that will get you into tip top shape this summer…

1. Sign up for a race to keep you focused: “Not everyone can be routine about keeping up their fitness or their running, signing up to a race is a great reminder that they have a goal to achieve. It can certainly help you get out the door on days when you might have otherwise not done anything.”

2. Run properly to avoid injury (and looking like a douche): Max has been teaching me to run more on the balls of my feet. To try and get me to do this he puts his hand out and asks me to run leaning on it. By putting my weight forward like this it not only helps me run faster but also puts less pressure on my knees.

3. Eat protein after sessions: To help replenish energy stores and build muscle (it will also make you less sore in the morning) reach for a protein snack. I love Bounce Balls: www.bouncefoods.com

4. Sign up to a summer bootcamp: Some people find that they won’t workout unless someone is telling them to and motivating them along the way. If you can’t afford a personal trainer – join a group. There will be one not far away from your workplace or home. Max runs fab group sessions near Parsons Green.

5. Add elements of Crossfit into your fitness programme: Crossfit involves a series of different strength and conditioning exercises that improve fitness rather than just focusing on losing or gaining weight. Workouts are typically short and intense which is great for the metabolism.

6. Stretch: Boring but important! Just do it. You’ll body will thank you for it in the long run.

7. Get a dog: Max is the proud owner of a brand new husky pup! Dog’s are great for getting us outside and walking around.

8. Cut out alcohol: Alcohol not only contains tons of hidden sugars and calories but it also makes it very difficult for us to get up in the morning let alone get to the gym. Cut it out and feel instantly better.

9. Sign up for your first race and enjoy it: “Relax, take it at a comfortable pace and enjoy yourself. In the last few days leading up to a race all that can be done is plenty of stretching and hydrating, all the hard work has been done by now. When you’re standing at the start line take a deep breath and don’t set off too quickly, it can be easy to get carried away. Preparation is key, have an idea of how fast you want to run based on how well training has gone, base your race day running pace on this. Always run your own race.”

10. Turn your commute into your daily exercise: Either work out the distance from your office to your home and invest in a good backpack and run or get all the cycling gear and bike ride to and from work. This will shave time off your commute (especially during the Olympics) and you will have done your daily exercise before you even get through the door.

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