With the World Para Athletics Championships underway and, not to mention, the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo coming up next summer, we sat down with F46 Javelin world record holder and Nike athlete, Hollie Arnold, where she shares her ultimate de-stress tool, her biggest inspiration and her intentions for her big year in 2020.


My evening ritual

“I have an indoor cat called Milo, he’s the cutest little chocolate Burman. I pet him, then I’ll get in the shower, get in my PJ’s because I love being comfy after being in tight clothing all day for training. I’ll cook my dinner sit down and watch TV, whether that’s Sex and the City, or Friends. I have Friends on all the time, I know all the words, I just love it!


My non-negotiable health habit

“I love doing a hair mask, I try to do that at least twice a month, maybe once a month. You get all the roots, put it in a bun, sleep in it overnight then wash it out in the morning. Your hair is silky smooth, and you have really nice natural colour.”


My guilty pleasure

“Watching a chick flick with some popcorn or some cheesy Doritos. You can have the healthy popcorn because you have to treat yourself now and again, but on offseason, I absolutely love that.”


My favourite post-workout meal

“I try and have a protein shake straight after, but steak, homemade sweet potato fries and veg, and sometimes if I want to treat myself, some peppercorn sauce with that.”


My biggest life lesson

“Never doubt myself, because there have been times in pressured situations where I have doubted myself when I could always do it. I’ve done it before competitions, ringing people the night before saying I can’t do it, I’m never going to win, I’m never going to be able to break the world record. I need to stop doing that I need to stop being the worst critic of myself. I need to start believing in myself, doubting kills a lot of dreams.


My inspiration

“My Mum, we went through a really hard time in 2013 with mental health and depression, she always taught me going through the hard times to overcome my fears, my inner strength came from her. I think that’s why I’m so good at being able to go out in the competitive field and perform, because I’ve had to deal with so much. I use it positively even though it still affects me to this day.


My training gear of choice

“Two things, the shoes – the Nike FlyEase as they’re so easy to put on and sit perfectly – and just the general fashion of Nike, you can go from casual to comfy. I always feel, good, smart, ready and sharp. But I do really love shoes!


My best piece of advice

“Just to be happy. It’s really easy to get lost in this world of social media and having to be the best at everything all the time; just believe in yourself. If you have a dream, even if you think it’s too big, if you do little things every day that get you closer to that goal; you will end up achieving it.”


My goals for 2020

“My goal is to become Paralympic champion and defend my title and break that world record.”


Nike athlete Hollie Arnold wears the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 FlyEase, available now via Nike.com, RRP £104.95