We hope you all had a relaxing and restorative festive season in preparation for what we just know will be an amazing year ahead! We have SO many exciting things planned for 2022 and we cannot wait to share them with you! But first up, let’s talk New Years Resolutions. 

Whether you’ve decided to healthify your daily diet, put a new workout plan into practice or get that promotion you’ve been dreaming of, setting goals and New Year’s resolutions often involve breaking up with, shall we say, unhelpful habits. As a rule, we’re not usually ones to dwell on the things we have to “give up” or “reduce” or “remove” from our lifestyle but we think it is important to touch on how the mind works when it comes to swapping bad habits for more positive ones. We have to have an element of understanding when we look at our behaviours, particularly when it comes to changing them so we’ve gathered some great tips from Rochelle Knowles, a certified holistic life coach to help you discover the how-to’s of breaking up with bad habits so your goals and resolutions can thrive in 2022.


When breaking up with bad habits it is essential to connect to your WHY. Try these journal prompts to help connect emotionally to why you really want to cut your self-sabotaging habits :

— What will breaking this bad habit do for me?

— How will it benefit not only my life but those I love?

— What would be the best thing about letting that old pattern go and replacing it with nourishing, soul serving behaviours?

Once you’ve written your why, keep it somewhere you can look at regularly, so that when you feel tempted to fall back into old patterns you can connect to your why and stay motivated.


This is something people don’t consider when setting out to break a habit that is no longer serving them. For example, if you want to stop eating sugar—you’ve got to get more specific. When do you eat sugar? Where? Who are you with? What mood are you in? Then start by choosing a specific habit to break first, e.g. ‘eating chocolate after dinner’.

By doing this, you are setting yourself up for success which gives you the momentum to keep making progress and moving on to breaking the next specific habits.


Removing your trigger isn’t always the easiest, so the next best thing is to try and avoid it all together. So, let’s stick to sugar as an example… How can you disrupt your routine? Eating earlier or later? Or maybe brushing your teeth straight after dinner? Can you make this habit more time consuming or expensive? By making it more mentally and physically harder to do, you can start to remove it from your life.

words by Rochelle Knowles mindful-eyes.com

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