Take these handy health tips away with you:

Eat Lemongrass to Keep Mosquitos Away: On a recent trip in Bali I discovered that this is why all the locals add lemongrass to their dishes. Studies have been done proving that it reduces your chance of being bitten by more than half. It is a great way to ward of mozzies for those who find deet to strong.

Use a Good SPF: We have heard it before and i’ll say it again. Always wear suncream. Something 15+ depending on your skin tone. Know your skin’s limitations and don’t push it – there is nothing more annoying than having to spend the rest of the holiday indoors because you took it to far on the first day.

Buy Insurance: You’ve fake tanned, waxed, packed, checked in online, dropped your bags (paid that inevitable bit extra), and made it onto the plane on time – there is so much to think about before you go on holiday so it is no surprise that many forget their travel insurance. This is not a smart move. Let me tell you a story that happened to a friend of mine. He was just about to go off travelling with his mates. When he got to the departure lounge one of his friends discovered that he had forgotten to buy health/travel insurance. He really was not that fussed and protested that it was too much money, but his friend persuaded him to get it. This was probably the best move he ever made in his life, as half way through his holiday he broke his neck surfing. He is totally fine now, probably due to the amazing treatment he received. The moral of this story – buy health/travel insurance.

Take a Good Probiotic: Essential for gut health and keeping stomach sturdy, especially in countries which are known for dosing out funny tummies. Also a good tip? Avoid questionable meat and street vendors…

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