Set at the foothills of the Black Forest, the spa town of Baden-Baden is a fine balance between modern German medical innovation and the curative mineral-rich ancient thermal baths. Once a playground for the elite, the small town maintains its old-world charm through its palatial art-Nouveau buildings and the picturesque natural surroundings and the town’s vibrancy is far from forgotten.


A brief history of Baden-Baden
Baden-Baden has been a destination for healing and wellness since the Roman ages; its spring water claiming to heal a host of illnesses from skin issues to arthritis and other rheumatic disorders. The first Emperor it was known to cure was Caracalla who reigned in AD 210 and it is also believed that the thermal springs saved Baden-Baden from the Black Death in the Middle Ages. More recently, Bismarck and Mark Twain have been amongst the many historical figures singing praise to the town’s medicinal merits.


A modern Baden-Baden
In amongst a rich history and beautiful architecture, the town’s wellness focus is alive and kicking, making Baden-Baden the ultimate destination within Europe to relax, unwind and let nature restore you to better health. For those looking to really have a health kick, there are clinics aplenty throughout the small town and you’ll be hard-struck to find a doctor who doesn’t highly recommend the ancient baths as a form of treatment for everything! A day spent in any of the town’s thermal baths is guaranteed to invigorate mind, body and soul and forget the world.

Navigating the spas
Serviced by twelve springs from 2000 metres below ground, the town gets 800,000 litres of water each day which can be as hot as 68°C. The town’s two main spas are the modern Caracalla Spa and the historic Roman-Irish “Friedrichsbad” and the leading hotels have their own spas so there’s always a spa only footsteps away. Just as they love to do in spa towns from Japan to New Zealand, a trip to Baden-Baden is not complete without a soap and brush massage getting rid of layers of skin to leave you feeling like a baby’s bottom. If there’s one thing that could hold you back from total relaxation it’s the nudity but it will only take a few minutes of soaking in the spas to get you into the German groove.


The world above the water
Surrounded by picturesque countryside and fresh air, Baden-Baden will get even the most office bound creatures outside and loving it. The Black Forest is home to many spas so if you’d rather escape the liveliness of the town for the quiet of the forest, you can enjoy being even closer to nature.

With its healing springs, qualified clinics, the Salina sea salt grotto and stylish hotels, magnificent parks and abundant leisure and recreational facilities, this little pocket of Germany has all the ingredients to host your individual health program. Here, the ambience is perfect for mixing action with pleasure.

Baden-Baden is Monte Carlo’s answer to a health-focused holiday. Mineral waters of the spas will restore and rejuvenate the body and time spent outdoors amongst the town’s parks, gardens and neighbouring forest will bring about a rested and resolved mind.


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