When you are on the go it’s not always easy to make the healthy choice, however at these four healthy food havens you cannot go too far wrong. By mixing and matching your favourite healthy ingredients it’s like being at home but with way more choice and none of the hassle. We asked each one to recommend their most nutritious lunch going…


The ‘Low GI’ Salad
308 calories. Low in sugar and salt.
What’s in it: Chicken breast, Pure super-bean mix, avocado, tomato, cucumber, broccoli, radish, sweet peppers and Omega seeds on mixed leaves. Served with a fat-free Pomegranate and white balsamic dressing. The chicken and beans are a great source of low-fat protein, which will keep you fuller for longer. Avocado and omega seeds are full of good fats that provide essential oils for healthy skin, hair and nails. As well as this, the broccoli, radish and sweet peppers provide a great and colourful range of many other all-important vitamins. ‘Usain’s Bolt’ smoothie would be an ideal accompaniment to the salad since it is packed full of fruity goodness: pineapple, mango, banana and fresh mint and is only 192 calories.

Omega Salmon Salad
271 calories (for the large size). 18 grams protein.
What’s in it: A lettuce based salad, with a great mix of omega-rich salmon, low GI potatoes and a fat-free dressing, this one seems to tick all the boxes. The dressing is freshly made on the premises, daily, therefore it’s completely natural. Full of protein and slow releasing carbohydrates this one wards off hunger till supper time. It also provides two portions of your five a day. Add a Berry Punch smoothie to this and you have a match made in heaven as this packs in 3.2 of your five a day!

Vital Ingredient
Super Veg Salad
370 calories. 25 grams protein. 18grams of fibre per portion.
What’s in it: Made up of vine tomatoes, green beans, cucumber, broccoli, bean mix (red kidney, borlotti & cannellini), sunflower and pumpkin seeds with balsamic and extra virgin olive oil all on a bed of quinoa (you can opt for leaf based instead), this salad packs a punch in terms of nutrient value. It not only contains four of your five a day, but is high in protein and fibre too. The broccoli is a great source of vitamins A & C as well as folic acid, and tomatoes are pretty excellent at fighting off free-radicals due to their antioxidant content. And the seeds will not only keep your skin looking good due to their omega 3 & 6 but they will also keep your brain nice and alert so you can finish the day productively.

Poncho 8
S-lo Carb Box
273 Calories. 26.6grams protein. 11.3 grams of fibre.
What’s in it: Developed in conjunction with the trainer’s from Pro Gym, Poncho 8’s S-lo Carb box is designed to give the busy worker a nutritional meal that also provides a slow release of energy throughout the day. Packed full of protein rich chicken, rice, salad, beans and vegetables it is also great for filling the body with much needed nutrients. And it doesn’t compromise on taste either – topped with salsa this dish is a healthy take on mexican food.