Here at Hip & Healthy, our goal is to help support our readers in their search for optimum health. Which is why we couldn’t be more excited to have teamed up with Higher Nature, a one stop shop for premium supplements, to bring you our ultimate supplement guide for a happy, healthy and glowing you. Celebrating 25 years in the supplement business this year, Higher Nature have stood the test of time. With a focus on their customers’ wellness, their products are developed by a team of expert nutritional therapists. Ingredients are ethically sourced and have full traceability, and the products go beyond NRV levels (nutritional reference value) to make sure that great results can often be seen and felt within a short space of time. Their entire range is over 78% vegan and 88% vegetarian and refreshingly their supplements are naturally free from artificial colours, preservatives and sweeteners. Higher Nature believe that health is your greatest wealth – so let’s protect it and nurture it. Here, we worked together with them to source the best products in an array of different solution based categories, so that you can find the perfect product for you. Plus, H&H readers get 20% off their first order! Simply use the code, “HIGHER20” at the checkout.


BEST FOR – Calming the Mind

If you find yourself overthinking things, become easily stressed and find it hard to quiet your anxious mind you may benefit from upping your magnesium levels. An essential mineral for over 300 processes in the body, Magnesium is also a powerful aid that promotes relaxation and aids stress and fatigue in the body. We also know a few migraine sufferers that have found taking magnesium supplements have helped to keep their headaches at bay, so that could be worth exploring if you sometimes get hit with a migraine.
£6 for 20 tablets

This award-winning spray is the perfect antidote to a stressful situation. Where you would usually reach for a glass of wine to calm your nerves, this is, without doubt, a much healthier, and less expensive alternative. With a unique blend of amino acids, B Vitamins, and key ingredients known for their relaxing properties such as lemon balm, passion flower and magnolia bark, this spray is the perfect daily companion, plus it tastes delicious. £9.99

This product does what it says on the tin – designed to support the adrenal glands and nervous system it uses a mixture of natural botanicals, vitamins, amino acids and trusty magnesium to calm the mind and give back that feeling of control. Plus there is no valerian used so this product is great for day or night.
£8.55 for 30 capsules


BEST FOR – Glowing Skin

Collagen has long been the buzz word in beauty – and for good reason; it promotes youthful and firmer skin and you can see and feel great results quickly. Higher Nature’s Aeterna Gold Collagen Restructuring Complex is packed full of skin-loving aloe vera and brightening vitamin C to help fight the first signs of ageing and make the skin look fuller and more youthful. A not-so-fun fact: when we hit 30 our collagen production starts to decline so finding a great supplement to help support it is high up on our checklist of glow-getting initiatives!

If you haven’t heard about astaxanthin yet – you soon will do. A carotenoid that protects plants from UV light and free-radical damage, Astaxanthin will help protect the skin from toxins such as pollution in order to keep it looking and feeling younger for longer. Just one tiny capsule will give you all the support you need and Higher Nature team theirs with vitamin E and olive oil to boost absorption.


BEST FOR – Boosting Energy

Hands up who gets to the afternoon feeling low in energy and reaching for the cookie jar? This is a supplement designed to support your busy lifestyle so that you maintain energy levels throughout the day. Plus, it’s packed with ginseng and vitamin C as well so that your immune system stays healthy and strong no matter how hectic your day can get! Best taken in the morning.

For a hard-working supplement that will give you more energy than a Duracell bunny reach for Drive! The unique formula contains a host of well-chosen minerals and vitamins, such as a blend of B vitamins (reduces tiredness), folic acid, iron and magnesium. We don’t start our day without it!

BEST FOR – Sleeping Soundly

The perfect bedside companion, Rest Well helps soothe both body and mind when you’re experiencing restless nights. Just a few oral sprays are all you need (the product has a delicious minty fresh taste) to help encourage the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin in the body naturally due to its blend of herbs, amino acids and vitamins. You’ll never need to count sheep again!

Serotonin is an essential yet often overlooked chemical that the body needs to help with an array of important functions from regulating moods to supporting your sleep cycle. These supplements developed by Higher Nature contain the amino acid 5HTP (that explains the product name then) which is important for neurotransmitter production. Take one at the end of the day to help fall into a deep sleep.
From £8

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