Spa treatments from facials to massages and traditional therapies in between are often seen as rare treat but at Hip & Healthy and in conjunction with National Spa Week, we want to undo this perception and herald the benefits of spa treatments to escape from the stress of everyday life, relax, prevent illness and make you feel great.

The choice when it comes to spa treatments really is to invest a little in your health and wellbeing now or spend more later, treating issues. The spa isn’t the cure for everything but it certainly helps us to prioritise our wellbeing and take some time for ourselves. Here we’ve rounded up various spa treatments available across London to keep your spa experiences new and exciting!


Who? Molly Jennings, Digital Content Editor

What? Moody Massage at Cowshed

Why try this? This is the ultimate de-stressor for desk workers, who need their muscles released and their minds quietened.

If I’m being honest, I am a bit of a worrier and stress head at times! I don’t mean to be but I’ve learnt, recently, that I like life to move at 100 miles an hour and it seems if I don’t have something to stress over, I certainly find something else to put worry and angst into! I do like to “chill” but normally that means not moving from the sofa spending way too much time on my phone, which actually no longer feels like chill time. It feels like wasted time. I am, however, partial to the odd massage! If there’s one thing I wish I could do more of if money was no object is get them on a regular basis. In my opinion, there’s no other place I’d rather spend my money than Cowshed in Holland Park. It’s my go to place where I can feel zen and like I’m being productive with my chill time. It’s designated time where for an hour, I can properly switch off mentally. I mostly opt for their 60 minute “Moody Massage” which offers a very personalised approach to a full body massage. You start off by picking a massage oil from their range to match the way you’d like to feel post-massage. I love their Knackered Cow oil if I really want to feel relaxed afterwards and if I’m heading straight home. Otherwise the Grumpy Cow tends to lift me out of my stress funk if I’m planning on doing something afterwards!

In 60 minutes, there won’t be many muscles that haven’t been treated. Starting off with the feet (just the best!), working up the legs and back they even tackle forearms (great for desk workers like myself who get the classic typing strain) and chest area to release tightness from hunching in front of a computer all day. They’ll always finish with the scalp, which, for me, feels like the cherry on top of the cake. I sometimes opt out, if I’ve got to look presentable for the rest of the day but otherwise, I let the therapist go to town! It’s good nourishment for your hair anyway… I just make sure I wash it before bed! Everytime, without fail, I feel completely rejuvenated (mentally as well as physically) and like someone has hit the reset button. I also love their cafe for a post-treatment snack. In the morning, choose from their “Morning Graze” menu where you’ll find porridge or (my personal fave) avocado with poached eggs on sourdough. From lunchtime onwards, choose from their “Midday Feed” menu where you’ll find healthy salads to fulfil your superfood ambitions!

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Who? Annabel Armitage, Brand & Events Coordinator

What? Russian Dance of Leaves at South Kensington Club

Why try this? If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box treatment, this is ideal. The traditional treatment underpromises and overdelivers, a rarity!

It’s hard to believe there’s a big and bustling city beyond the walls of South Kensington Club, a wellbeing escape, which helps visitors and members alike to create lives we don’t need escaping from. South Kensington Club’s wellness offering is a cut above the rest thanks to its focus on traditional spa treatments. Enter, the Russian Dance of Leaves, a sweaty, invigorating and uplifting spa experience.

Forget bright lights and high-tech procedures, the Banya treatments are about getting back to basics in the most luxurious of ways. Moving between the sauna, cold plunge pool and steam room in amongst the interior’s blend of water, fire, wood and stone means you’re entranced and relaxed before the treatment has even begun. Nature is at work in the 15-minute treatment as the banschik (bath attendant) massages you with eucalyptus and birch leaves to boost your circulation and detoxify your skin.

Surrounded by strong scents and the 35-degree heat, it’s easy to switch off your thoughts and be totally calm whilst in the treatment room. Then comes the gush of ice-cold water and plunging in a pool, which can’t be warmer than 10 degrees…and you’re awake again! Followed by a cup of tea in the club’s Tea Library where phones are banned and books and contemplation are a perfect means to ease you back to reality with a revitalised mind, body and soul.

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Who? Sadie Reid, Director & Founder

What? ila Goldsilk Face Therapy at The Lanesborough Club & Spa

Why try this? If luxury is your thing and you’re looking for a facial to not only combat ageing, but also release tension and leave you with plump, glowing skin.

The word that comes to mind when thinking of The Lanesborough Spa is “luxury”. Everything from the service, the facilities, the treatments, even the treatment rooms are geared up to perfectly ensconce you in comfort. Upon arrival you will be taken to the spacious and decadently designed changing room by your spa butler – there to be on hand should you need an extra towel, some different post-shower products or, perhaps, a fresh bottle of water. Once you are changed into your fluffy robe and stylish sliders you’ll then be shown to another room where you wait for your therapist; decorated like a smart clubhouse complete with fireplace, comfortable seating and a bar of healthy treats to help yourself to.  The therapist will then show you to your relaxation-inducing treatment room, dimly lit with perhaps the world’s most comfortable massage bed. I had opted for the ila Goldsilk Face Therapy. I have always loved the brand ila for its heritage in organic ingredients and Ayurvedic principles and this treatment was complete heaven. Proven to heal the skin and protect it from natural signs of aging the treatment also managed to lull me into a coma of complete rest – of which I really needed. The therapist was knowledgeable and intuitive – knowing and adapting her massage technique to suit my needs (I had one of the world’s stiffest necks after 6 weeks of morning sickness!).  Post treatment I looked like a different person, I had colour in my cheeks, and my skin looked plump and glowy (not the sallow and grey visage I had become accustomed to seeing stare back at me in the mirror!). And after a delicious shower, using the ila products once again, I truly felt like a new person!

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Who? Louise af Petersens, Brand & Retail Executive

What? Detox Refresh Facial JK-7 at Grace Belgravia

Why try this? It has been too long since your last holiday and the next one is too far away…take your skin on holiday with the natural and active products from JK7!

Grace Belgravia has been delivering the best of the best for all aspects of health and wellbeing since it opened its doors and facials here are testament to that. The Detox Refresh Facial with JK7 products was my first facial in a long time that hasn’t left me more puffy and red-faced than when I entered. Clearly, the ingredients were hard at work as well as the facialist’s lymphatic drainage techniques, which helped to get rid of toxins and calm areas of inflammation.

With a foaming wash, facial scrub, steam and mask, my skin was soft, supple and squeaky clean, the perfect state to absorb all the goodness of the JK-7 products, each of them bringing a new scent of nature. Developed by Dr Jurgen Klein, founder and creator of Jurlique, with his years of experience and passion for the work of nature, you can trust these 100% natural and organic products are going to perform.

When you’re drifting off the Moisturising Mists fall onto your face reminding you to stay awake and enjoy the dance of magic hands on your face, neck and chest, making you glow more than you knew you could in ways you didn’t think possible in the thick and dirty London air!

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