With a multitude of fitness watch offerings in the “wearables” market, it can be a struggle to dig out the best ones that might suit you. H&H have done the hard work for you and have sourced three of the best fitness watches!


Fitbit Alta HR, £129.99


If you want to monitor all aspects of your health, the Fitbit Alta HR is the wristband for you! The new fitness band is ultra slim making it comfortable on your wrist and easy to wear. It continuously tracks your heart rate using PurePulse heart rate technology and has a battery life of a whopping seven days. The Alta HR is amazing for ensuring you are in the fat-burning zone as the app clearly shows you when you are burning the most calories making it easier to meet your fitness goals whether you want to lose, maintain or gain weight. This element also helps to ensure you’re working at the right intensity as your heart rate is constantly being monitored so you are able to analyse the results. Unlike other Fitbit’s, the Alta HR offers Sleep Stages and Sleep Insights, providing in-depth detail about your quality of sleep and help on how to improve it. Also, using PurePulse, your heart rate variability is measure to tell you how long you spend in light, deep and REM sleep stages. As well as all this, the Alta HR can be tailored to give you call, text and calendar alerts from your phone, keeping you connected and constantly active, strongly encouraging you to fulfil your health. Tracking your progress could not be easier.


Apple Watch Nike+, £369


The Apple Watch Nike+ is the ideal fitness tracker for those who want to fulfill their running potential. Combining all the features of the of the Apple Watch Series 2 with the Nike+ Run Club app to motivate you to go on your next run (it will let you know when the weather is good enough for an outdoor run), the watch includes features such as guidance from world-class trainers and athletes and even coaching plans that adapt to your schedule (it will remind you to go on that evening run you’ve had to push back due to an earlier morning meeting running over). It goes without saying that the watch includes all of the original watch features such as GPS for pace and route tracking – even if you don’t have your iPhone on you! Plus, if you’re a runner that also likes to swim, the watch is water resistant for up to 50 meters! Nike Sport Bands are now also sold separately in a range of super stylish colours – Pure Platinum is our fave!


Tom Tom Spark 3 GPS Fitness Watch, £199.99


If in the past you’ve been deterred by fitness watches because of your varying requirements and fitness pursuits, this watch will work for you! Its multi-sport mode means that changing up your exercise regime won’t send your watch into a spin and the ability to set specific targets such as heart rate zones (the watch has an inbuilt heart rate monitor) will help to push to you achieve your goals. You can switch easily between your runs, gym sessions, cycles, swims and freestyle – with dedicated modes ensuring everything counts. Thanks to the watch’s cool new feature, Route Exploration, you’ll never get lost – you can navigate your way home on a run without following a designated path. With storage for 500+ songs and a lightweight and ultra slim band, TomTom’s Spark 3 is a joy to wear.

words by Sadie Reid