The women’s body is an intricate work of art, we are complex beings that at times can be hard to understand even for the top specialists. Each and every one of us is different, so navigating your unique female health can at times feel like a minefield. So, what is out there to give us the support we need…Enter Hertility!

Unsatisfied with the way women’s health care is currently being dealt with, three exceptional women collided to create Hertility. The magic trio which includes two doctors and a lawyer are all passionate about women’s health and are the makings of a dream team! Hertility brings science-backed hormone testing to the mass market at an affordable price that conveniently into the lives of as many women as possible.

Hertility is designed to help you learn about your hormones better. Whether you’re actively trying to conceive, experiencing reproductive health conditions such as PCOS, planning for the future, suffering from hormone-related symptoms such as acne and intense period pains, or you’re generally curious about hormonal imbalance, you can benefit from Hertility’s easy to use test.

Start by taking a virtual health assessment so the team of specialists can get to know your situation better. Following this, your test will arrive directly at your door and will take you around 5-10 minutes to complete, quick and simple! Once the Hertility team have received your results, you’ll be able to set up a video or in-person consultation with their in-house gynaecologists when it suits you to delve into your results and analyse what the best next steps are. The proof is in the stats, with a 99% accuracy across results, pretty impressive!

Championing diversity and inclusion, Hertility offers support for same-sex couples with an expert-backed guide to arm you with all of the information that you need for starting a family if you are in an assigned female-at-birth (AFAB) partnership.

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