Herbs pack an almighty punch when it comes to antioxidants. With many being more potent than the likes of kale and spinach (usually hailed the green heroes), you should definitely make it your mission to up your intake of herbs this year. With the launch of No.1 Botanicals, the UK’s only range of drinks containing pure, fresh botanical extracts beautifully blended with natural spring water, we thought we’d share 10 superherbs that will boost your wellbeing.

Life is all about making memories and fresh rosemary extract can help – even improve your ability to recall them. With its subtle, woody flavour that complements food wonderfully, this is certainly a herb worth remembering.

Amazing what a hint of mint can do. It can settle a stomach and aid digestion, making it ideal after a big meal. Although you may want to enjoy its invigoratingly cool, clean flavour before or during a meal.

Juniper has long been prized for its detoxifying, anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory properties. Stimulating, pine-scented, sharp yet earthy, this water will also delight your taste buds.

Think of fennel as a minder for your immune system. Naturally effective at fending off colds and the aches and pains that come with them. And while keeping bad at bay, this herb’s naturally cleansing, liquorice flavour is one to be welcomed with open arms.

Lemon Verbena
With its naturally soothing muscle-relaxants, lemon verbena is a great herb to take after strenuous exercise. It is also said to be calming and good for sleep, although, with its refreshing, citrus flavour, there’s little chance of nodding off.

Basil is the herb of choice for a natural pick-me-up. It has traditional associations with lifting the spirits and boosting mental stamina. With an aromatic, heady flavour that goes from peppery to sweet, basil will perk you up in more ways the one.

Olive Leaf
The antioxidants in the olive leaf are a vital part of the “Mediterranean Diet” frequently linked to living a longer, healthier life. Alongside its association with beauty and skin health and a unique, uplifting and invigorating flavour, what’s not to like?

Sage is said to enhance cognitive performance by keeping the mind fresh. active and curious. Appropriate then, that ‘sage’ can also mean ‘wisdom’. And with its strong yet soft, fragrant flavour, this herb is certainly a wise choice.

With its herbal anti-inflammatory properties, meadowsweet is often described as nature’s Aspirin. And when it comes to flavour, the clue is in the name; an aroma of fresh cut grass and a sweet, refreshing taste to follow.

Thyme is often used to treat coughs, chest infections and is said to be good for the skin. It’s also rumoured to be an excellent hangover cure. And with its dry, floral aroma and lemony, minty notes this herb is well worth raising a glass or two of.

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