You know times are changing with the healthy food scene when you can find a healthy rocky road recipe!! This one from The Little Green Spoon is simply decadent and delicious – we just could keep it a secret! 

Little cubes of nutty, crumbly, chewy heaven. I had to get a bit creative to come up with textures that mirrored traditional rocky road, and although these might not be exactly the same, they taste even better! Grain-Free Maple Pecan Granola (page 25) replaces the biscuit, while toasted hazelnuts and pistachios are added for crunch and dates for yummy chewiness. You can sub or add in different nuts and dried fruit, if you like.

Makes 9 – 12 squares


50g hazelnuts

50g pistachios

100g pitted dates

185ml melted coconut oil

35g cacao powder

75g Grain-Free Maple Pecan Granola (page 25) – Or any healthy granola recipe you like!

35g dried apricots or other dried fruit


Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F/Gas mark 4.

Dry roast the hazelnuts and pistachios for about 10 minutes, until toasted and delicious. Put the dates in a bowl and pour boiling water over them, leaving them to soak for about 10 minutes.

Add the drained dates to your food processor with the melted coconut oil and cacao powder. Blend on high until smooth (ish!) then transfer to a bowl.

Pour in the granola, apricots and nuts and mix well.

Spread the mixture into a 20 cm (8 in) baking tin lined with parchment paper and pop in the freezer to set. When set, chop into little squares.

Store in the fridge.


Extracted from The Little Green Spoon by Indy Power (Ebury Press, hardback £18.99)
Photography | Martin Poole