Picnics, the classic British summer tradition. One that we love, but we know the prospect can leave many worrying that healthy habits will be derailed. What we’re here to tell you is that if done properly, enjoying this age-old tradition will not throw you off track. Re-examining your diet and eating healthier (both at home and on the go) should never mean you have to skip these special occasions or give up foods you love. It just means being savvy and making sure you set yourself up to make the right choices. Remember life is all about balance!

If you’re reading this and thinking; “but how can I stay healthy when a picnic consists of sandwiches, crisps and dips and more often than not chocolate magnums or sugary ice lollies to finish?”. Well, we are here to provide some serious healthy picnic inspo! We’re sharing with you the healthier alternatives to some of those picnic favourites that we know you’ll love just as much.

Pimp your sandwiches
A picnic staple we would never want to go without is the good’ol sandwich! If you’re wondering how it’s possible to have healthy and sandwich in the same name then think again! There are loads of blogs and Instagram pages dedicated to making healthy eating delicious, many of which feature inventive recipes to replace their unhealthy counterparts. @rawmanda posts the most delicious vegan sandwich recipes, which are vibrant and full of colour! We also love Madeleine Shaw’s Cauliflower Bagels which you can customise with any toppings you like!

Pimp your crisps and dip
It’s estimated that Brits consume a heart-stopping 6 billion packets of crisps a year (that’s about 150 packets each!). Picnics are often laden with crisps, but they are high in unhealthy saturated fat and nutritionally empty. Try making the easy swap to oatcakes or vegetable crisps like Emily Veg Crisps. Dips, paired with vegetable crudités can make the perfect picnic snack, not only delicious and satisfying but super easy to transport when on the go. Creamy dips found at the supermarket are usually made with high-fat vegetable oils, so aren’t quite the health conscious decision you thought you were making. Hummus, on the other hand, is packed full of chickpea goodness, heart-healthy fats from olive oil and tahini. But why go with traditional hummus, when many grocery shops like Planet Organic do scrumptious combos like avocado or turmeric hummus? With all natural ingredients and no hidden nasties, you’re on to a healthy picnic winner!

Pimp your drinks
Picnics drinks vary, and whilst it’s nice to have a cool glass of sparkling lemonade or treat yourself to some Pimms once in a while, too much sugar is never a good thing. So, to keep it fresh and fun, stock up on Cocoface coconut water or Remedy Kombucha if you want a little fizz! The great thing about cocoface is they use just raw, pure and REAL coconuts, no nasties and no pasteurising! This means they don’t heat their coconut water to prolong its shelf life so it retains all the natural nutritional components. Remedy Kombucha is a fizzy live-cultured drink that’s good for your gut and doesn’t compromise on flavour! Their brewing process removes the sugar content so you know you’re drinking something good for your body!

Pimp your ice cream
No one should have to turn down a cold ice cream on a hot summer’s afternoon – but before you start running after the ice cream van, you’re going to want to check out Booja Booja dairy-free alternative ice cream. With some incredible flavours such as “Hunky Punky Chocolate” and “Caramel Pecan Praline”, they are made with minimal and natural ingredients! For traditional popsicles, we love Lickalix and Miiro which you can buy in Planet Organic and Wholefoods or Ocado online.

Now we’ve given you all the advice you need to have a Hip and Healthy picnic this summer – go enjoy!